Central Coast Speedway Karts, Round 3

press release - Club Round 3 - Central Coast Speedway Kart Club, Sun 17 May 2009, Gosford Kart Speedway, Gosford Showground.

A healthy number of drivers turned out for Round 3, eager to go racing after a longish break. We had beautiful sunny day, the track in great shape, and the first running of our Clubman Ladies Class!

In the Midget class,  all drivers were fighting hard for race honours, but James Peters eventually won the day by a narrow margin, just 2 points! Kyle Angel came good at the end of the day to take out the Feature race.

The Rookies numbers suffered due to meetings at other tracks, with Kris Johnson capturing maximum club points.
In the Juniors, Reagan Angel took 3 race wins, including the feature, and a DNF, so Benjamin Ralph was able to claim the days honours with some consistent driving following closely behind. Congratulations Benjamin on your first trophy! Mitchell Brien wasn’t too far off the points either.

The Clubman Light class also had some returning drivers, but Nathan Bailey and Greg Martin were the two stand-outs of the day, cleaning up 1st and 2nd places in all races. Greg drove a great race in Heat 2 to hold Nathan out and win. Commiserations to Matt Smidt who had carbie troubles all day.

In our inaugural Clubman Ladies class, Kate Johnson, Alana Hammond and Sharon Gillespie fought the first 3 places out all day. Kate eventually ran out the winner, but the closeness of the feature race with the three running nose to tail was great to watch! Also congrats to Rebecca Powell, who at her first meeting, made huge improvements to not be far behind in the feature.

Clubman Heavies were another large class, with quite a few new P drivers. Matt Bond and Grant Lahiff each took 2 race wins, but the day was affected by many DNF’s and was finally won by Matt Bond followed by Grant Lahiff and Marty Watson.

In the Clubman Over 40 class, Matt Bond took the days honours, followed Vic Maastricht (in a new kart) and Scott Schroder. Congratulations to Greg Paul who held on to win the Feature race, with a borrowed motor. Gary Slarke ended his run early in Heat 1, by spectacularly blowing up his motor!

Our KT modified class was the largest class of the day, with a mix of new and returning drivers. Most were very competitive from the first race too. Grant Lahiff won the day, followed by Rod Burns and Les Green. Luke Storey was one of the big movers on the day, winning the feature, but with a couple of DNF’s didn’t figure in the points. Kris Maastricht made a return with some great 4th places, before damage to his kart prevented him from figuring more prominently. Also congrats to Bernie Peters for a much improved day of racing!

Final Results
Midgets - 1st-James Peters, 2nd-John Gillespie, 3rd-Kyle Angel, Feature-Kyle Angel
Rookies - 1st-Kristopher Johnson, Feature-Kristopher Johnson
Juniors - 1st-Ben Ralph, 2nd-Reagan Angel, 3rd-Mitchell Brien, Feature-Reagan Angel
Clubman Light - 1st-Nathan Bailey, 2nd-Greg Martin, 3rd-Simone Smidt, Feature-Nathan Bailey
Clubman Heavy - 1st-Matt Bond, 2nd-Grant Lahiff, 3rd-Marty Watson, Feature-Grant Lahiff
Clubman Over 40 - 1st-Matt Bond, 2nd-Vic Maastricht, 3rd-Scott Schroder, Feature-Greg Paul
KT Modified - 1st-Grant Lahiff, 2nd-Rod Burns, 3rd-Les Green, Feature-Luke Storey

Bad/Hard Luck award recipient – Matt Smidt (Clubman Light) – No finishes, carbie issues (we think!)
Sponsored by Tanya & Graham Bailey.

Special thanks go to our regular track crew, and also to all our officials and volunteers over the race day. It is very encouraging to see more people helping out, thereby making an easier day for everybody concerned. Thanks again to all our club & race day sponsors, whose generous donations make our race days possible–
Angels Roofing Accessories
Building and Waterproofing Consultants
Bleeding Edge Computers
Central Coast Driver Training
Coastal Skips
Davistown RSL Club
EWT Auto Dismantlers
Precision Motorsport

See you all at the 2009 King of the Dirt meeting on next Saturday May 30th. This meeting is also shaping up to be fantastic with 93 entries received. Remember too our revised race start time of 10am.


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