Owner's Manual etc For IAME's Parilla KF2 CIK Engine

The IAME KF2 Reedster is the control engine for the 2009 Australian CIK Series.  Remo Racing won the contract to supply the valve water-cooled powerplant for the revitalised CIK Series that kicked off last weekend.

The Remo Racing website has been updated with further details of the engine, such as engine specifications, the official 45-page owner's manual and a parts price list. Click HERE to take a look.

"I'm very pleased to be involved in the re-launch of the Australian CIK Championships" Remo informed KartSportNews. "I am especially excited that the teams & drivers will be using the exceptional quality of the IAME Parilla Reedster KF2 engine.  The AKA has made a wise decision in choosing this engine which will make for some great racing."


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