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CIK-FIA Issues Battery Charging Warning

The CIK-FIA has issued an official warning to karters regarding the correct use of batteries in the sport. It reads:

"The attention of Drivers, Entrants and Mechanics is drawn to the safety precautions to take regarding the management of battery charging.

The compatibility of batteries and chargers used must imperatively be checked and respected scrupulously as the use of charge equipment not adapted to the battery type can cause very serious material damage and physical injury (risks of fire, explosions, serious burns, etc., already recorded).

It is in particular strongly recommended, even after checking the compatibility of the equipment used,

i) never to leave a battery without surveillance during the charging process, and
ii) never to charge a battery on an inflammable support such as a wooden work bench, near inflammable items or inside a vehicle or a building intended for accommodation or residence (battery charging operations must always be carried out in a well-ventilated, protected and isolated environment).

Since it cannot control whether batteries are correctly used (charge, discharge, storing), the CIK-FIA and the event organisers can under no circumstances be held responsible for any damage to persons or goods.


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