Leopard X30 Eligible For Competition

press release

The Leopard X30 engine is eligible for competion in Open TaG 125 and Open Sportsman 125 Classes.

Officially on June 28th at 1:00pm the AKA National Karting Council voted unanimously for the homologation of the Parilla Leopard X30 engine.

Also, a second vote took place by the NKC to accept PHASE 5 of Chapter 21, which was the application for X30 to be implemented into the classes of Restricted Tag 125 and Open TaG. It was voted unanimously to accept the Leopard X30 into Restricted 125 class and open TaG Classes but under one condition only: that further official AKA testing is to be conducted in 'Restricted 125' class for clarification on the correct restrictor size, the time frame given for this is around 4 weeks.

The Leopard X30 is now available for purchase and is Eligible for competition ONLY in Open TaG 125 and various states that also run Open Sportsman 125 classes.

The Leopard X30 is NOT eligible to run in ‘Restricted TaG' until the AKA official 125cc TaG restricted test is completed in 4-weeks time and approval is given by the AKA.


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