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Latest AKA Addendums

AKA rule addendums 23 to 34 have been published as a result of the mid-year conference on the weekend. All the addendums can be downloaded from the AKA site HERE.

A few of the main items in brief:

  • Cool suits must be a fully sealed and self contained body suit, concealed inside the race suit
  • "Compete" has been defined as: "A competitor is deemed to have competed in a section of an event if they have exited the out grid under direction from the grid marshal and proceeded past the baulk line under their own motive power, for a competition. Refer rule 1.07(i)
  • Bumper bars and plastic bumpers must be by the original manufacturer and not extend beyond the outside of the rear tyres/rims
  • All clutches must have fitted a guard or retention device that is 'fit for purpose' to prevent the clutch mechanism from leaving the kart in the event of component failure
  • Midget Comer S80s must use clutch part number S80 3950 01 from October 1st (no longer part no S060 3950 05)
  • With the exception of promotional purposes (where permission is required from the relevant state body), the use of any type of camera on a kart or driver during practice or racing at any permitted race meeting is banned.
  • Wording added that states a scrutineer has absolutely no responsibility for the scrutineering and that the competitor is responsible for the safety of the kart and its adherence to the rules at all times
  • The TCI rotor on Js may be used as a replacement for the CDI rotor. Repolarising of the rotor is permitted
  • A procedure for postponed events has been detailed


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