Drives Available At 2009 IAME International Challenge

Remo Racing has three drives available for purchase for the second 'Team Australia' entry at the 2009 IAME International Challenge. This will be the 3rd annual IAME International Challenge and will take place on 6th to 8th November 2009 in Spain.

The three vacancies are only open to 2008 Leopard Class competitors and they need to be 'lightweight' drivers.

"It will probably cost around $5000 each by the time they pay for air fares, hire car etc" Remo told KartSportNews. "But once at the race, they only need to bring their helmet. The kart, tyres and even the race suit are all provided."

These extra 3 drivers will joing Jedd Stojakovic, James Sera and another 'Loyal Leopard' competitor from last year (whose identity is yet to be announced).

All enquiries should be made direct to Remo Luciani on 0418 340 640 by the 31st August.

Entry to this prestigious annual international event is only open to the companies representing IAME worldwide.

The 2009 IAME International Challenge will be a six hour endurance race with a starting grid of two teams from each participating country. Each team will have three drivers. All karts used in the event by all competitors will be identical and will be supplied by the organizers. The only engine that will be used in the event is the Parilla Leopard X30.

The drivers and their team manager will have the right to use all the necessary equipment (kart, spare parts, tyres, chain, petrol - even the race suit ) and includes technical assistance and mechanic. The Team Manager and drivers participating in this race will be warmly invited to the Gala Dinner by special invitation.

More news about this event will be published as it comes to hand.

At last years' event, Remo's team of Ryan Sanderson, Grant Smith and Adam Hughes won the second leg of the race and finished 2nd overall (click HERE for some nostaglia)

Above: Just some of the fleet of Alonso karts fitted with the X30 engine as used at last years' event

Details on the Australian Leopard Final Shootout HERE.