Statement from the GKCV Race Committee

Due to allegations of tyre treatment being used by some karters, the GKCV Race Committee has determined the following course of action for this weekend’s “Allstars” Meeting.

Random testing of competitors tyres prior to leaving the out grid for timed practice and heats will be carried out to check for shore hardness. If unusual readings compared to a standard set of new tyres for that class are detected, samples will be taken and sent to the University currently testing a known set of treated tyres.

The committee is of the belief that the results of the testing of sample treated tyres previously submitted to Deakin University will be known as early as two weeks away.

Despite popular theories that current tyre treatment formulas are undetectable, the committee is reliably informed that this may not be the case.

GKCV reminds those that may be contemplating using tyre treatment of the severe penalties applicable to those individuals detected.