Lindstrom x2 + Pringle Set For KZ2

Jordie Lindstrom, Jace Lindstrom and Jason Pringle are set to line up at the Leopard Final/Formula 100 Nationals in the KZ2 class. With this being the first time the Shifter class has been offered since the 2005 CIK Championships, all three were quick to jump to the opportunity of racing in Australia’s fastest class.

“ICC was still going strong at end of CIK in 2005 and we (Jordie and Jace) were seriously thinking of joining the class in 2006 but unfortunately it wasn’t offered. When the announcement was made that the class was to return in 2009 with a championship series in 2010 Jace and I both jumped straight at the opportunity” stated Jordie.

Jace also commented at how much value for money this class really is. “Our setup costs have been very reasonable, we have both opted to run proven second hand motors. Racing a 6-speed CIK Spec Shifter class is going to be awesome”.

Jordie will be driving his preferred Tony Kart chassis with Vortex power; while Jace will race an Arrow, the brand which brought him recent success at the Victorian Open, using TM power.

Fellow Prokarting driver Jason Pringle is also set to race the event in KZ2 driving for CRG with TM Power. All three will begin testing over the next month, getting the feel for Front Brakes, Gear Changes and heaps of power.