Refurbished Cockburn Set To Go

press release

Tiger Kart Club’s refurbishment program of its Cockburn circuit will be given a public debut on the weekend of 8/9 August with its first Open meeting to be held on the track.   The July club day was held there and comments from members were positive about the surface and the speed of the circuit.

With a format offering qualifying on Saturday and then four heats on Sunday, numbers are looking positive.   Club President John Wishart says “The track was fantastic to race on in July, tyre wear was fantastic and there are some new passing places on this circuit – it is fabulous!”  He continued to say “We look forward to a good number of entries for this meeting as it really is a showcase of a circuit now”.

 There is still plenty to be done with other refurbishments at the circuit, but the in and out grids are now superb and other facilities are following on similar lines.  

Vice Presidents Roy Tester and Paul Brophy were among other keen racers at the club day in July.  For Roy, this has been many months of hard work and he was pleased to be able to race on the track, rather than just be working on it in July.

For the Cockburn Classic meetings (August and November), the club has been fortunate to secure sponsorship of over $1,000, most of which is to be spread amongst the Rotax classes courtesy of Sarich Engineering.