Vic Country Series Rnd 4 This Weekend

press release

The 4th round of the VCS is on this weekend at the Haddon Park Raceway, Ballarat with the "Mort Page Memorial" for Senior National Pro being the feature class. The winner will be presented with the "Mort Page Perpetual Shield" presented by the Page family. Last year's winner was Christopher Halesworth from Geelong.

There are so far 166 competitors entered and more are expected to enter by the end of this week. The Series has been exceptional this year with almost 220 registered entries at the first round in Horsham. 2009 is the Series' biggest year yet, with good fields and lots of happy karters. We interviewed a few karters to hear what they had to say about the Series.

Kyle Summers, a Leopard light competitor from South Australia likes the competitive racing "you don't have to go to the city to race at great tracks" "The series has attracted many SA drivers because of the great atomosphere and competitive racing"

A previous supporter of the series Michael Seeary returned this year because of the friendly racing and good country atmosphere.

Barry Pech who has not missed a round since 2007 says "the big fields and clean competitive racing keeps me coming back" "Its about the only series in the state that has double figure classes for Super Heavies"

For the past 2 years the Wooley brothers Rhys (rookies) and Chase (midgets) have been racing the Series "we keep coming back because of the great atmosphere and we always have a great time"

South Australian driver Stephanie Munn says "Its a great Series and not far for us to travel to each one and there is no practice on the fridays which is great as it would otherwise make it alot harder for competitors" "I've been racing in the series for 3 years now would definately race the series again next year because its a great series and is run by great people and I love the Victorian tracks"

Says Victorian Joshua Tapscott "I have raced the country series organised by the six clubs since its inception and also raced the 8 round series that was once run by VKA"  "I enjoy the good fields and close racing" "the relaxed atmosphere, cheap entry costs and limited practice makes it a perfect series"

Clancy Purdie is another Victorian who has been competing in the series for the past 4 years. "I keep coming back because of the friendly atmosphere, the quality family time and for all the mates I have made"

Broe Shiells has raced in all the rounds this year "I've been racing in the Series for about 4 to 5 years now and I like the competition but best of all is that it's affordable" "I like to support the clubs and the sport and its totally enjoyable"

Go to the official series website for supp-regs and more information 


1 Brayden Souter
2 Jack Nolan
3 Mitchell Glynn
4 Kirby Hillyer
5 Blake Graham
6 Michael Dillon
7 Josh Munn
8 Morgan Feast
9 Dylan Hollis
10 Jarrod Dwyer
11 Carly Walsh
12 Jordan Rae
13 Chase Wooley
14 Kobe Trigg
15 Jackson Freer
16 Jordan Murphy
17 Callan Belmonte
18 Lachlan Naismith
19 Michael Smith
20 Jordan Caruso

1 Mitchell Sires
2 Dylan Harrison
3 Tyler Harrison
4 Ryan Broome
5 Mitchell Broome
6 Maya McNamara
7 Dylan Howell
8 Sam Baker
9 Mikayla Harper
10 Jake Eve
11 Max Kranjc
12 Jake Dixon
13 Will Hawkes
14 Luke Guillou
15 Rhys Wooley
16 Tyler Morrison
17 James Caddy
18 Mitch Quiddington
19 Chelsea Angelo

1 Bradley Jenner
2 Jake Heard
3 James McNamara
4 Jordan Nicolaou
5 Luke Walker
6 Madeline Harper
7 Todd Hazelwood
8 Andrew Petrou
9 Brett Dillon
10 Zachary McHugh
11 Luke Bergens
12 Jake Campana
13 Ayrton Mattschoss

1 Anton DePasquale
2 Simon Hodge
3 Ash Quiddington
4 Campbell Sharp
5 William Donnison
6 Michael Womersley
7 Stephen Papaluca
8 Jake Campana
9 Daniel Storer
10 Belinda Graham

1 Steph Munn
2 Andrew Hollis
3 Harley Benson
4 Jordan Nicolaou
5 Anton DePasquale
6 Simon Hodge
7 Ash Quiddington
8 Todd Hazelwood
9 Teagan Osborne
10 Jarman Dalitz
11 Brett Dillon
12 Hayden Renshaw

1 Joshua Tapscott
2 Clancy Purdie
3 Gemma Deakin
4 Nick Davenport
5 Bradley Anderson
6 Jackson Evans
7 Declan Sherwell
8 Andrew Rae
9 Michael Masterson
10 Callum Boyce
11 John Dankowski

1 Stephen Lee
2 Ashley Lear
3 Robert Moore
4 Maverick Benson
5 Luke Fong
6 Declan Sherwell
7 James Stubbs
8 Samantha Millar
9 Drue Masterson
10 Wayne Bourke
11 Spencer Walker
12 Ben Beasley
13 Andrew Carey
14 Scott Andrews
15 Anthony Magilton
16 Scott McLaughlin
17 Josh Raneri
18 The STIG

1 Michael Geist
2 Scott King
3 Chris Halesworth
4 Kieran Brennan
5 Chris Thomas
6 Matthew Crane
7 Jamie Attwood
8 Allan Inwood
9 Travis Millar
10 Cameron Giddings
11 Brayden Place
12 Paul Feely
13 Glenn Henley
14 Scott Purdie
15 Gabriel Sciarra
16 Shane Renshaw
17 Brooke Pearson
18 David Hudson

1 Darren Thomas
2 John Geist
3 Frank Ferraro
4 Barry Pech
5 Dean Marshall
6 Troy Hose
7 Andrew Hayes
8 Michael Angwin
9 Joe Romeo
10 Brenton Smith

1 Trevor Handley
2 Leon Forrest
3 Wayne Heard
4 Steve Jones-Sexton
5 Bevan Walker
6 Mark Cottrell
7 Paul Janicki
8 Angelo Belmonte
9 Glenn Henley
10 Greg Mattschoss
11 Paul Sinni

125CC RESTRICTED (C & D Grade Licences)
(this class will run behind Clubman Heavy as previous rounds)
1 Mark Hill
2 Trevor Attwood
3 Ewyn Carter

1 Owen Perry
2 Michael Seeary
3 Kyle Summers
4 Jake Fouracre
5 Reece Kawitzki
6 Ben Kilsby
7 Andrew Stubbs
8 Scott Purdie
9 Jedd Stojakovic

1 Broe Shiells
2 Glenn Croxford
3 Wayne Bourke
4 Joel Smith
5 Matthew Graham

1 Michael Geist
2 Billy Askew
3 Peter McDonald
4 Barry Stevenson
5 Andrew Stasse
6 Callum Clissold
7 Josh Willett