Another Electronic Step For AKA

AKA press release

Following on from the recent announcement that new members of the Australian Karting Association (AKA) are now able to apply for a racing licence online at comes the next step in the Association’s move to the electronic era.

For all members of the AKA who had their current licence processed through the new SmartCard system, which was implemented across the country throughout the first half of 2009, they will now be able to renew their racing licence online.

“The online renewal is another significant step forward to the AKA and will streamline the process for both our members and office bearers significantly,” said AKA Treasurer Max Laybutt.

“In the past everything has had to be inputted manually by our State Secretaries and all of our licence statistics have been the same. Now I am delighted that as an Association we will be able to identify growth areas and trends more easily by analysing the licence data provided by the new SmartCard Licencing System.”

Members looking to renew their licence - this option is only available for those members who are renewing a licence issued through the SmartCard System - simply have to click on the apply for licence button on

Once completing the licence renewal form, including the medical questionnaire, members need to enter how they wish to pay for the licence (credit card, direct debit, etc). If paying by cheque, cash or money order, they will need to forward payment to the state office.

If required, members will need to forward to the state office over 60 years medical report, a letter from their doctor if they have ticked a yes in the medical declaration, or a signature from parent if under 18.

The licence will not be processed until paperwork and payment has been received.

If the driver is over 18 with no medical conditions, there is nothing to forward. It is all done electronically. The applicant MUST be a member of a club for the renewal to be processed.

Also incorporated into the new SmartCard licencing system is a number of other elements that will come on line over time. Such elements include the ability for members to view their race history, change their licence address, order a replacement card, obtain an up to date list of entrants, pre enter a race meeting and once the timing system is in place they will also be able to get comparative timing resuls.

To access to the system you will require your ID number and Password, if you have not already received these you should contact your Club Secretary who can arrange to have them sent to you. It is recommended that upon receipt of these that you change the password to something of your own to ensure total security for your data.

Further information on how to renew licences electronically can be obtained by contacting your Club or State Secretary.