Legends Support Place To Race

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A new campaign and fighting fund to help save Gold Coast motorsport venues has received the support of no less than five former World Champions – just a day after its official launch!

Gold Coast businessmen and motorsport identities Terry Morris and Brett “Crusher” Murray, have set-up a campaign called “Place To Race” to kick the Gold Coast City Council into action over the decimation of motorsport facilities in the city.

The action from the pair comes after years of neglect towards Gold Coast venues where motorsport competitors of all ages, shapes and sizes can enjoy their sport.

The stand by the pair has been joined by five-time 500cc World Champion Mick Doohan, three-time Formula 1 World Champion, Sir Jack Brabham, 1980 Formula 1 World Champion, Alan Jones, 1987 500cc World Champion Wayne Gardner and 1995 Junior and 1997 Senior World Karting Champion, James Courtney.

It is expected that these legends of Australian motorsport will be joined by a host of other high-profile motorsport identities in the coming weeks.

Morris and Murray have thrown both cash and resources at the project, which they have titled “Place to Race”.

“To have five former Australian world champions come out in support of Place To Race on day one is just mind-blowing,” said Morris.

“I think this says, in no uncertain terms, that this is a serious, serious situation and the decision makers need to start listening.”

Murray was equally humbled by the support of Australia’s motorsport legends.

“If these guys were endorsing a commercial product this would have cost us millions of dollars,” said Murray.

“Everyone of these guys leapt at the chance to be involved and that just goes to show that they are as sick of the rhetoric as we are. Our kids and grand kids need somewhere to race and learn the skills that will make them better road users.”

A new website has been launched www.placetorace.com.au where all Gold Coast motorsport clubs, stakeholders and fans can register to receive regular information.

It also lists the contact details of all Gold Coast councillors and encourages stakeholders to contact them on a regular basis.

There will also be regular twitter updates and a facebook page – both can be found by searching for “placetorace”.

It is envisaged there will be a public rally for all interested parties in coming weeks.


“I have been fortunate to call the Gold Coast home for a few years now, but in that time it has been easy to see the increasing negativity surrounding motorsport venues. The Gold Coast is the home of Australian motorsport when you look at the professional teams, organisations, drivers and riders that have a base here. The foundation of all that is the junior and amateur riders, drivers and clubs, and the industry that supports them, but that is under serious threat. If I want to do some training in a go-kart or take some sponsors for a training day I have to go to Ipswich or the Sunshine coast to find a track. It is great what Crusher and Terry are doing and I look forward to playing my part,” – James Courtney – 1995 World Junior Karting Champion, 1997 World Senior Karting Champion.

“Place To Race is the direction that Gold Coast Motorsport has been looking for. It is disappointing to see what Gold Coast venues were around when I started my career to what is here now and what is expected to be here in the next few months. We all have kids and they all need somewhere to learn the skills that will make them better riders and drivers in a safe environment. The motorsport industry is vital to the Gold Coast and Terry and Crusher have my 110% support. This is a serious situation and needs action.” - Mick Doohan – 5-time 500cc World Champion.

“The foundation of the success of any sport is its junior ranks and when it comes to motorsport we all need to take some responsibility – especially in our own backyard. The competitors, the clubs and the industry all have a duty, but especially the local councils and decision makers. The venues not only provide us champions of the future, they provide fantastic fun, safe family environments. They also help instill qualities like patience, discipline, sportsmanship and help create life-long friendships. They also provide us with the best road users of tomorrow. Congratulations to Terry and Crusher for their dedication to try and fix this terrible situation. I have already registered on the Place To Race website and encourage you do to the same,” – Sir Jack Braham - Three-time Formula One World Champion.

“I applaud Terry and Crusher for initiating Place To Race. The fact that the Gold Coast has been without a kart track for sometime now is a disgrace and the pressure being applied to the bike clubs is equally concerning. Talk is cheep and it is important for everyone in the industry to get behind this program and for it to have one loud, professional voice, which can stir some people into action. Australians are regarded in motorsport circles worldwide as being innovative and seriously competitive. Both those attributes will come into play here. There has to be a solution, there is no alternative. We need to encourage everyone we know to register and be informed.” – Alan Jones – 1980 Formula One World Champion.

“I have spent a lot of time on the Gold Coast and have many friends there and have been aware of degrading motorsport facilities in the region. It makes sense that if there is nowhere to nurture our young riders and drivers, then we simply will not have anyone representing Australia on the world stage in a few years time. When you look at the talent that has come out of the Gold Coast, that is a massive concern. I would urge anyone involved in the motorsport industry on the Gold Coast to register and get behind Place to Race.” – Wayne Gardner – 1987 500cc World Champion.


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