Golden Power Series, Round 2

by Mitchell McLellan

The second round of the golden power series was held at Rochester on the 11th and 12th of July. With a wet day Saturday, it was set up to be a great Sunday. The weather held off and we saw some great racing.

Midgets Division 1 had a very great three way battle. Danny Carrol lead the field into turn one. Carrol lead from Jordan Caruso , Troy Alger then Brock Watchom a bit back. At half race distance Carrol still leading but with Caruso right behind. Alger a little back with a big gap back to Watchom. 3 laps to go and Caruso made a move on Carrol and built a tiny gap but that was enough to hold off Carrol from Alger and then Watchom.

Midgets Division 2 had a clear winner in Jack Bell. Bell lead from start to finish but the battle for second was a four way battle between Michael Smith, Nick Cardamone, Ellaxandra Best and Zakkary Best.The four kids worked together to try and stop bell but they couldn’t. Bell won from Smith, Cardamone then the two Best’s.

Rookies was another clear winner in Victorian State champion James Golding. Golding lead out of turn one but was challenged by Matthew Smith and Jay Morrison. By lap 3 Golding had made a gap but it was a two way battle between Matthew Smith and Jay Morrison. Then it was another two kart battle between Christian Morina and Jake Coghill. Lap 9 and Morrison made a move on Matthew Smith. The last lap Smith got back past Morrison. Morrison tried to get back in front but couldn’t. Golding won from Smith Morrison Morina and then Coghill.

Junior National Light was one of the best finals between Bradley Jenner and James Hughes. Jenner lead into turn one followed by Hughes and then Daniel Valentini. Jenner and Hughes worked together early in the race to pull away from the pack leaving the dicing for third between Daniel Valentini, Christian Harris and Beau Hogan. Three laps to go and Hughes got past Jenner into canteen corner. But Jenner got him back the next lap.On the last lap Hughes got back past Jenner into canteen corner but Jenner got straight back in front in the next corner. Jenner won it from Hughes. Valentini hung onto third from Beau Hogan who got past Christian Harris.

Junior National Heavy was another clear winner in Nicholas Ellen. Ellen started off pole and by the end of the first lap was already half the start straight in front. Then it was an 8 kart freight train all going for second. Then Hayden Dodman who started 15th made his way past that queue and got into second with five laps to go. By then Elllen was gone. Ellen won from a fast finishing Dodman from Anton De pasquale, Ben Capuano then William Donnison.

Junior Clubman was another two way battle between Jack Wynack and Anton De pasquale. Wynack lead  into turn one and lead until lap six. Wynack and De pasquale made contact taking both boys out of the race. This then put Mitchell Wilmont in control until lap ten when Brad Weaire got past. Weaire beat Willmont, Daniel Valentini, Michael Carless and Tegan Osborne.

Junior Max had Jack Wynack off pole. He lead into turn one followed by Luke Rochford. Rochford got past Wynack early in the race and built a half a straight lead. Then Josh Demaio got past Wynack as well. Demaio chased the gap down until the final corner but Rochford held on from Demaio, Wynack, Tim Holowell and then Nicholas Ellen.

Senior National Pro was a three way battle between Tyler Cramer, Richard Muscat and Josh Stephens. The three were working together all race until a lap to go. Muscat and Cramer argued. Muscat went down the inside into the final corner but Cramer hung on around the outside. They went through the chicane side by side but Muscat just held on from Cramer, Stephens, Ben Lowerson and Steve Lowerson.

Clubman Light was a two way battle between Andrew Carey and Michael Bantick. Bantick lead the first half of the race with Carey all over the back of him from Tyler Cramer then a little bit back Chris Dodman. Bantick lead until Canteen corner when Carey made a move. Carey held on to the win from Bantick,Cramer,Dodman and then Mark Appleby.

Clubman Heavy had some fast very clean racing. James Reynolds took the win from Richard Muscat, Jeff Thom, Mike Dyke and then Bruce De Carvalho.

Clubman over 40s was a two way battle also between Phil Straughen and Alan Stack. Straughen lead from start to finish but Stack was all over the back of him. Straughen took the win from Stack, Leon Forest, Kevin Taylor and Glen Chadwick.

Clubman Super Heavy was a two way battle between Phil Straughen and Craig Arnett. The  battle between the two went right until two laps to go. Straughen drove over the top of Arnett to take both men out. This gave the lead to Peter Sloan but not without a challenge from Marty Golledge. Sloan won from Golledge, Brett Jenkin, Don Smith, and Steve Polak.

Leopard Pro was another really fast field with a bit of push and shove. John Reynolds took the win from Geoff Wyhoon, Matthew Bumpstead, Ross Jarred and Richard Camilleri.

125 restricted was won by Zach O’Reilly. O’Reilly took a good win from Michael Schene, Phillip Smith, Peter Gilbee and Stephen Jabke.

Rotax Pro had a good battle for the lead. James Reynolds took the win from Brock Green, Dion Gretgrix, Josh Willett and Warick Grace.

Rotax over 40s was won by David Bishoff. Bishoff won from Frank Fella, Steve Tomlinson, Steve Lowerson and Lucas Burt.

Rochester would like to thank all its members, committee and all the stewards and officials for the effort they put in to make it a great meet.