Information & Outcomes From AKA AGM & NKC Conference

AKA press release

The Australian Karting Association (AKA) held its Annual General Meeting on Friday evening followed by a General Meeting of the National Karting Council (NKC) across the weekend in Melbourne.

During the AGM Victorian Trevor Crane was elected as the new National President for the AKA. Crane replaces Richard Erdman on the National Executive alongside the re-elected Vice President Simon Whiting, Treasurer Max Laybutt and Secretary Pam Arnett.

“I’ve been involved in the sport for many years on a variety of levels, now I’m looking forward to working with the other members of the National Executive and the National Karting Council to continue to grow and develop the AKA,” said Crane.

Following the AGM on Friday night the NKC also met in a Special Meeting to vote on the future structure of the Association and it was decided that the Association would keep the current structure rather than move to a Governance model.

With the NKC meeting on the weekend Crane was straight into his new role to chair the meeting.

A number of positive outcomes for the karter were established across the weekend including the continuation of its agreement with BAM Media, the NKC calling from a marketing plan to be presented at the November conference and the implementation of a Junior Performance class.

The Junior Performance class will be designed to incorporate the use of 125cc TaG restricted engines and the ARC spec 100W engine will also be removed from Junior Clubman effective 31st December 2011.

Also decided across the weekend was the inclusion of the IAME X-30 engine for non State and National Championship events in the Leopard class as an evaluation throughout 2010. Initially there will be a 5kg weight difference between the IAME Leopard and X-30 engines but will be reviewed quarterly throughout the year.

“I believe the NKC made a number of decisions across the weekend to move the sport into the future which I think should excite karters across the country,” said Crane.

“The implementation of the Junior Performance class will be another good step forward and it will provide an opportunity for our Junior drivers to experience a 125cc engine prior to moving into the senior ranks.

“BAM Media has done a great job in assisting to put karting in the media over the past three years which has assisted with the growth of the sport across the country. I’m looking forward to working with the team.

“The NKC acknowledged the fact that there is a need to not only create a media awareness of the sport but also to market the sport across the country.”