On-Board Cameras Mandatory For Karting World Cup

While the AKA has banned the devices, the CIK-FIA is mandating that all karts at the upcoming World Cup for KF3 and KZ1 are to carry on-board cameras. The CIK's reasoning is that the cameras will make racing safer by making the drivers more disciplined. Drivers will be made more accountable for their actions due to the fact the camera will have the evidence to re-visit any misdemeanors.

The following is the CIK-FIA press release on the matter:



The CIK-FIA will innovate regarding the control of its competitions and the service offered to drivers at the next World Cups of the KF3 (Juniors) and KZ1 categories, to be held on 5 and 6 September at Sarno, near Naples (Italy).

On this occasion, the CIK-FIA will have all the karts equipped with on-board cameras. The first goal of the operation is to improve drivers’ discipline on the track, as well as safety and, if need be, to multiply the means of control and study of the events for the race officials.

“Karting must be exemplary as regards education", explains Luigi Macaluso, President of the CIK-FIA. "The international federation therefore naturally seeks to incite the participants to have the most sporting behaviour possible. Leaning on an opponent or even pushing him so as to overtake are methods which motor sport must reprove. As a matter of fact, there are disciplines, in particular single-seaters, where contacts, be they deliberate or not, are out of the question because a driver who is too bold or illintentioned risks retiring on the spot or having a mechanical failure. Since many young kartmen aspire to switch over to single-seaters, allowing in Karting what is forbidden in single-seaters would be both inconceivable and counterproductive.”

This recourse to on-board cameras by the CIK-FIA will be a big world first for Karting. Such experimentation is primarily a preventive action by dissuasion. More than just a control tool for the use of race officials, these cameras should represent a means of “self control” for the drivers: they will henceforth be aware that all their manoeuvres may be studied. Sportsmanship, fair-play, the respect of opponents and the quality of racing: as a result, all these values will naturally be promoted, enhanced and guaranteed.

“The use of on-board cameras is not only aimed at controlling races and drivers", adds the President of the CIK-FIA. "These cameras will also be valuable conveyors of communication – the race will be seen from within the close-fought fields of Karting – and they will be able to demonstrate to what extent our sport is a spectacular action-generating discipline. Furthermore, they will be an excellent education tool: after the events, the CIK-FIA will make available for interested drivers all the pictures of their performances, which will enable them to study their race with their team and relive its highlights with the people around them.”

At Sarno, the karts will be equipped with Motorsport Hero Wide miniature cameras manufactured by GoPro. Measuring 6x4x3 cm, the cameras weigh hardly 150 grams.


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