All Leopard Heavy Competitors Can Enter The Final Shootout

It seems there is still some confusion regarding Leopard Heavy drivers at the 2009 Leopard Final Shootout.

The Leopard Heavy class is open to ALL Leopard engine competitors in Australia who have raced a Leopard engine this year in any AKA calendar event, even if it wasnt a Leopard sanctioned event, or raced in Tag 125, Leopard Class or Sportsman 125.

However, these ''unqualified' drivers are only eligible for $1000 if they come 1st, 2nd or 3rd and cannot go into the draw for the Motorcar. They will, however, go into the random draws at presentation where heaps of prizes will be given away no matter where they finished on the day.

For more information go to the Remo website, or read the amended press release below:

leopard heavy