What The Winners To The Rotax Grand Final Actually Get

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IKD would like to issue a statement to clarify what the invitees to the Rotax Grand Final 2009 actually get. I am issuing this statement because I have heard a rumour that trackside talk is that “you get nothing” and this is far from the truth.

Each driver gets given brand new equipment to use for the weekend (Kart and Engine). This includes sprocket, chain, tools, chain lube, brake cleaner, trolley, fuel and oil. Tyres are also free of charge with each driver receiving 3 x sets of slick tyres and 1 x set of wet tyres if it rains. (Driver is responsible for any damages to the Kart over the course of the week)

There is no entry fee for the event and everyone gets a covered pit space.

There is also a Welcome Party, mid event BBQ night and a final night “Drivers Party” free of charge.

On top of this, each driver receives a $29 Euro (approx $48 AUD) per night contribution towards their accommodation cost for up to 8 nights from Rotax.

Rotax do not cover the following:-

  • Airfares
  •  Accommodation (except driver contribution as described above)
  • Food (except at various parties etc organised by Rotax)
  • Rental Cars
  • Spending Money
  • Other miscellaneous associated costs

These events are really fantastic and are highly sought after. Rotax are inundated each year with people requesting to “buy” a drive at the Grand Final but the only way to get there is by earning the right to be invited “on the track”. It is a prize that money simply cannot buy and the overall prize is substantial. 216 drivers from around the World will compete at this year’s event In Egypt and I am sure those lucky enough to be invited will have a fantastic experience.

If an invitee elects not to attend the event then IKD will invite the next eligible person. The original invitee is not permitted to sell or transfer the invitation to another person.

More complete information from Rotax detailing this years event is available from their website www.maxchallenge-rotax.com.

Specific links to Driver information, Travel information, Booking forms, documents etc is HERE.

Ian Black


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