Recreational Karters “Adopt” Junior Driver

press release

“Tag Restricted Northern NSW” are bunch of guys based around Lismore in Northern NSW that race together in the recreational 125TAG Restricted class, with their main aim to have some fun both on and off the track. Started only six months ago, the group has grown rapidly to twenty five members with the interest and enthusiasm for the class even surprising group founder Tony Grant.

Tony explains that, “We have blokes who have done a lot of kart racing and some that have just started, but all the guys have a great time. We have social functions and organise our meetings that we go to. When there is a meeting on at Lismore there is never any shortage of help for those who have just started in the class.”

Above: Lachlan O'Reilly is the first junior karter to be 'adopted' by the TaG Restricted drivers.

The idea for the guys to “adopt” a Junior racer was thought up by group member Chris Ruane, whose 7 year old son Fraser also races karts in the Midget class. The TAGR guys had travelled as a group with their kids in tow to race at Coffs Harbour recently.

At the trophy presentation at the end of the race meeting one of the local Junior racers, Lachlan O’Reilly, gave away his trophy as an encouragement award to one of the midget drivers on the day.

Lachlan had seen young midget P-plater Fraser Ruane, in the drive of the day, peg back the lead pack in the final, only to wind up in someone else’s accident and a non finisher after two of the leaders came together on the track.

The idea is that the guys will all chip in $10 or $20 into a “kitty” and this money is put towards consumables like tyres, oil and lubricants to help a local Midget, Rookie or Junior driver competing away at a Title meeting or similar with Lachlan being nominated as the first recipient.

Each time a different driver will be selected, and Tony explains that, “It’s up to the guys to decide, but next time it might be a Midget or Rookie driver attending their first State Title. It will depend on what’s going on at the time and who gets nominated by the TAGR guys.”

On the weekend, Tony Grant on behalf of the guys, presented Lachlan with a set of tyres, sprocket, chain lube and oil supplied at cost price by KAOS Karting to be used at the Tassie State Titles.

Lachlan thanked the guys for supporting him and said, “Brilliant idea if you ask me, the tyres, oil, chain lube and a sprocket is all a big help. We wouldn’t have been able to afford new tyres for practice and would have had to set the kart up on the same set of tyres I’ve used since the NT Titles. Thanks guys, it’s really appreciated.”

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