Another TaG-R Adoptee After Junior Karter Raises S1500 For Charity

Sean O’Reilly, 12 year old Lismore Kart Club Rookie class driver, formerly known as “Mullet” because of his long flowing locks of hair, has raised more than $1500 for Breast Cancer Research in the “Be Brave and Shave” campaign.

Many of the karters at race meetings at Lismore, Coffs Harbour and Grafton generously sponsored Sean, contributing nearly $300 to his fundraising efforts.

Sean was also sponsored by the students and teachers at his school in Grafton, McAuley College, by local businesses, family and patrons at Roches Hotel and the Village Green in Grafton helping him raise considerably more that his $1000 target.

“I would like to thank all the people that so generously supported me with the sponsorship and also my mates that came down to the shopping centre to laugh and cheer when I got my head shaved”, said Sean.

The only problem Sean now faces is that his “Mullet” nick name no longer matches his bristled hair style, with suggestions of “Mullet-less” and “Oyster” being high on the list of suggestions from his mates. Maybe Sean will just be called “Shorn” from now on.

In a post script to this story, the Lismore Kart Club’s TAG Restricted group have now “adopted” Sean as well as older brother Lachlan O’Reilly for the Tasmanian Titles next weekend.

Chris Ruane from the TAGR group said, “We didn’t realise Sean was racing at the Tassie Titles as well as Lachie, and after seeing him lose the “mullet” to raise money for Cancer Research the guys all wanted to help him out as well.”

The TAGR guys have supplied Sean with a new set of tyres to practice on as well. He most definitely has been running on the same rubber since the NT Titles in June so the new tyres are much appreciated and will be put to good use in Tasmania.

Both Sean and Lachlan would again like to thank all the Lismore TAGR guys for chipping in for the new tyres, oil and lubricants and Ken from KAOS Karting for supplying the tyres and other gear at cost price.