Final Championship Standings For WSK 2009

press release

With the final round in Lonato (I), the 2009 WSK International Series comes to a conclusion. The remaining titles in the EuroCup for teams have been awarded as well: CRG Spa prevails in Super KF; in KF2 as well as KF3 a double victory for Tony Kart Junior Team. Already victorious in KZ2 is Intrepid Kart Technology.

Close finish in EuroCup. No doubt, the weekend closing the season in Lonato (I) couldn’t be more exciting. The awarding for the remaining EuroCup titles, after Intrepid Kart Technology had already earned KZ2 title, followed straight the last word over Drivers title in Super KF, achieved by Arnaud Kozlinski (CRG-Maxter-Bridgestone). At the South Garda Karting, the 194 starting drivers competed for their teams’ relative ranking too, in a final rush whose outcome was by no means predictable the day before.

Above: 'Koko' Kozlinksi ahead of Groman

CRG prevails even in EuroCup. Kozlinski’s run and the hectic work of CRG technical staff concurred among other elements to characterize the most awaited result: the new Super KF champions, both for drivers and teams, were decided in the season’s crucial race. As the decisive Final went on, drivers title changed hands many times, from Cesetti (Birel-Parilla-Bridgestone) to Kozlinski, depending on the place the latter had during the race. CRG was certain to winning the EuroCup already when Kozlinski was safe among the first four positions. It was then, French Brandon Maisano, on an LH-Maxter-Bridgestone and entered by CRG Spa, to put the definitive seal on the title, finishing in fourth position after an extraordinary recovery from 15th place. That way, the team from Brescia has retained the leadership it was holding since the previous round in Zuera (E). Birel Motorsport is placed second, at the end of a very hard weekend, during which the only driver to score points was Tom Grice. The team of Lissone, Milan, capitalized on the early season’s results that enabled it to hold on to a place of honour, in spite of an unlucky latter part of the championship. Tony kart Racing Team put on the best finish and overtaking Maranello Kart in the chase for third place, hit the championship podium thanks to Marco Ardigò’s victory in Lonato.

Tony Kart Junior R.T. has established itself in KF2. Tony Kart Junior Racing Team, the English team by Paul Spencer, has won KF2 EuroCup thanks to a series of constant results. Over the last weekend in Lonato, the two leading drivers, namely British Ben Cooper (already crowned WSK Champion in his class) and Chris Lock, scored well and kept their team’s lead over Energy Corse unchanged. The latter, scoring with Danish Nicolaj Moeller Madsen and Swedish Mans Grenhagen, honourably finished in second place a great season leaded always at the top also in Drivers rankings. Finally, thanks to the excellent results that both Ignazio D’Agosto and Japanese Yu Kanamaru achieved in Lonato, Tony Kart Racing Team consolidated as third.

Above: Cooper and Kanamaru

Tony Kart Junior R.T. redoubles with KF3. Tony Kart Junior Racing Team gained its second EuroCup title in KF3. In Lonato, both Brasilian Guillerme Silva and Spanish Carlos Sainz scored enough to establish the English team as the permanent leader in this class. Chiesa Corse, especially suffering from Nyck De Vries’ misfortune in Pre-final and Final, is placed second. Even if the Dutch driver didn’t score at all, he is anyway content with his Drivers title win, though he regrets not to having seized also the EuroCup title, being within Dino Chiesa’s reach. With the final positions gained by Italians Raffaele Marciello and Damiano Fioravanti, Morsicani Racing mounted the EuroCup podium as third. Intrepid Junior Team became only close to podium, although getting a good haul of points thanks to Russian Danil Kvyat’s win in the final race and Italian Loris Spinelli’s placing, stays fourth for a mere point.