Karters Start On The Long Road Home

Graeme Monds is one of the most highly respected officials in Victorian Karting, and it was appropriate that Victorian karter Clancy Purdie borrowed one of Monds' quotes as he began the long trip from Darwin back to Melbourne in a Solar Assisted Trike. (click HERE for previous news)

“Today is the Money Day” - and the whole team knew exactly what he meant. After all the long hard design, construction and training periods, the real journey was about to begin.

Above: “We have encountered our first Road Train. Those 96 wheels look very intimidating.” Purdie reckons the road-train drivers are absolute legends and always provide plenty of encouragement.

Junior karters Rory and Morgan Purdie continue: “The greatest challenges so far have been dealing with the heat and its effect on the solar batteries. The heat has been triggering the overload switch and the batteries then shut down. Also, the cattle grids have been playing havoc with the lightweight wheels.”

solar trik cattle grid
Above: A simple solution that needs to be used several times each day.

The long journey continues. Video & blogs are currently on the team’s website: roderage.com.au


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