WCR Jets Complete Dominant Year With Raleigh 6-Hour Victory

press release

Saying that the # 3 Wollongong City Raceway (WCR) Jets had a dominant year in the 2009 Powered by Honda ProKart Australia National and NSW Endurance Kart Championships would be a rather large understatement.

Last month for the final round of the Powered by Honda ProKart Australia National, NSW and QLD Championships at Raleigh International Raceway, near Coffs Harbour on the North Coast of NSW, the Wollongong City Raceway Jets took out the winning spoils in the ‘Raleigh 6 Hour’ to wrap up what has been a sensational year.

After qualifying fourth on the grid for the ‘Raleigh 6 Hour’, the Wollongong City Raceway charged their way to the head of the field and battled it out with outgoing National and NSW Champions # 1 Team Kaos for the front running positions up until late in the race and took out victory. The Wollongong City Raceway Jets at the fall of the chequered flag had completed a total of 372 laps around the 1.05km Raleigh International Raceway circuit and defeated # 1 Team Kaos (370 laps) and # 86 Adrenalin Rush Karting (370) in second and third place respectively on the podium. Also finishing on 370 laps was the # 42 Civic Racing and # 98 Adrenalin Rush Karting teams in fourth and fifth place.

The team’s that rounded out the Top 10 finishers for the ‘Raleigh 6 Hour’ was # 51 Team 5150R in sixth place and they were followed home by # 661 PDS Grand Prix, # 9 SAM Racing, # 82 Team SPR and in 10th was an unlucky # 777 Horsepower Racing.

Bad luck struck the likes of # 27 Resisales Racing, # 14 Two Dogs Racing, # 23 Bells Pipes Racing, # 21 Walkos Shire Racing and fastest qualifiers # 50 Team 5150R and it prevented them from recording a strong result to finish off the year.

The ‘Raleigh 6 Hour’ victory secured both the National and NSW Championships for the # 3 Wollongong City Raceway Jets, while a fifth place finish was enough for the # 98 Adrenalin Rush Karting team to clinch the QLD Championship honours.

Earlier in the race meeting qualifying resulted in QLD Championship contenders # 50 Team 5150R topping the time sheets and that enabled them to start the ‘Raleigh 6 Hour’ from pole position.   


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