Horsepower Heaven - The Series

Buoyed by the success of the first Horsepower Heaven, event promoter Dominic Albanese has, in conjunction with Remo Racing, proposed a four round Horsepower Heaven series for 2010.

A feature of these events is not only the class structure (Formula 100 Light & Heavy, Leopard Light & Heavy, KZ2 , 200 Super and Junior Performance) but also the fact they are one-day meetings - on a Saturday!

"They will be action packed" Albanese informed KartSportNews. "Non stop action with socialising at the end and Sunday off."

The race format will be practice, one qualifying session, two heats, a pre-final and final all in one day.  Friday will be an optional practice day and Dom says the grid girls will be back!

Series will kick off at Geelong on Saturday Feb 27, then move to Pukka on 29 May, South West on 26 June and finally Todd Rd on July 24.

"It will be very similar to Horsepower Heaven with tyre pooling for fairness to competitors" Albanese added. "It will be a full on tough Saturday of non-stop action.  Spectators can come and watch on Saturday, then race clubday on Sunday." 

More details & Supp Regs to follow when available.