Jack Howard Talks World Finals & Pro Tour

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While Jack Howard busily prepares for the 2010 race season, he reflects on his trip to the
Rotax Max Challenge World Final in Egypt and confirms his intentions for the future.

Jack, tell us about your recent trip to Egypt to compete at the Rotax World Final.
It was fun. I think it is the best race meeting I have ever been to. The track was really good, like nothing I have ever seen before while Egypt was a lot different to here in Australia, the racing and lifestyle aspects of the trip. It was also a great life experience at the event aside from the racing itself.

I hear you had a pretty good pit crew?
Yeah, I took Scotty Auld over with me and he has raced at the Rotax World Final before and finished 2nd so he was really good. Scotty also helped me through the meeting and definitely gave me the best possible out of the gear.

Did you make him work hard all week?
Yeah, there was a lot of action on the track in every race so I kept him pretty busy.

So what are you plans for 2010?
We are going to concentrate on the Pro Tour, State Championships and the Rotax Nationals. After competing at events like the Pro Tour it is pretty hard to go back to some of the other events.

What makes the Pro Tour stand out?
You just get a lot of laps and there are only 6 classes so you just get a lot more racing, not forgetting there are 5 races unlike the usual 4 at other events. Plus they always do something a bit different and exciting at each race which is good.

Did the Pro Tour experience help you in Egypt?
Yeah for sure, because we ran long races all year in the Pro Tour, I had no trouble doing the longer races at the World Final so I think that part of it is really good.

You are in the enviable position where your father has a couple of V8 Supercars, is that the long term plan for Jack Howard?
I hope so. I will have to make sure I stay in the good books with Dad and when I am old enough hopefully I will get to race one.

Thanks for your time Jack.
No worries, thank you.

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