Horstman Releases 100cc Air-Cooled Engine

The Horstman Manufacturing company in the United States has released a brand new reed valve engine - and bucking the trend of 125cc water-cooled motors, it's an air-cooled 100cc 2-stroke!

The new engine will come with a lightweight disc clutch, exhaust system, carburetor, filter cup and chain guard for US $1,250 (around AUS $1355). With no water cooling or wires and battery for electric start (the engine is fired with a remote starter) it will be a throw back to the old days of quick and easy engine fitting.

Horstman brought 2-stroke 'spec' racing to America in 1994 with their HPV-100 piston port engine. They have plans for Cadet, Junior, and Senior classes with the new motor.


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