Live Internet Broadcasts For ProKart in 2009

ProKart Australia has announced that the organisation will be broadcasting all of its 2010 Powered by Honda ProKart Australia Endurance Kart Championship events live over the internet.

Having teamed up with Racer TV, each and every round of the NSW, Queensland and National series will be covered live.

“When the idea was pitched to me I automatically thought that it was a great idea" explained ProKart's Tony Pullen. "After meeting with the team at Racer TV a deal was put together shortly after. This is certainly going to bring a new dimension to all the ProKart Australia events.” 

Mason Walker, owner of Sydney-based Racer TV, is equally excited. "This is going to be a very exciting project, as we will not only be giving live coverage to all ProKart Australia events, but also interviews with teams and officials along with various other segments in order to make the coverage more enjoyable.”

In addition to the live internet coverage, Racer TV will also produce highlights packages and previews of the events on the ProKart race calendar. “Another area we are looking forward to is being able to provide television networks with coverage, such as local news stations and pay TV networks" added Walker.

To facilitate the Racer TV coverage, a new website has been established -

“The guys at ProKart Australia are very pleased with the final product of the new website” said Walker. “A website is crucial for any sporting organisation and they need to be kept up to date regularly."