Clarke Asphalt Assists Lismore Kart Club with Track Resurfacing

press release

Lismore Kart Club recently benefitted from the high standard of works from Lismore based road construction business Clarke Asphalt, with extensive resurfacing of a large section of the track being completed in time for the first race meeting of the year on Sunday 7th February 2010.

lismore kart trrack with new asphalt

What had started as a small repair job to some small sections of the 30 year old track surface quickly turned to potential disaster for the Lismore Kart Club when the small repairing machine sank into the track and became bogged.

The aging track surface it turned out, had been placed directly over the old “dirt” kart track without placement of any road base material along the hill side section. The track had become cracked over the years and had allowed water to seep into the clay soil below, leaving no firm base underneath.

Efforts to move back down the track had the machine again bogging deep through the surface, so a decision was made to continue around the track away from the water logged section of sub soil.

When the machine was finally off the soft hill section and back onto the firm road base of the main straight, inspection showed that although the machines wheels had not dug through the track surface they had though left distinct ruts, some 3cm deep on the racing line, right along the short straight leading toward the sweeper.

Above: The Clarke Asphalt people hard at it.

The entire hill section of the track was ruined and would not be safe to race on in the current state. Club President Tony Grant was quickly on the phone to Clarke Asphalt, and explained how the small pre season patch job had now become a major resurfacing job of some 120 meters of track.

With the first race meeting just two weeks away it could have spelled disaster for the Lismore Kart Club except that Lismore business Clarke Asphalt stepped up at short notice and bought in the heavy equipment required to completely resurface the hillside section of track.

Lismore Kart Club member and racer Adam Briggs is very excited about the new section of track, explaining, “what was the worst section of track is now the best and smoothest section of the track”.

With many Club members so impressed with the standard of work, there are now plans to get Clarke Asphalt back later in the year to resurface the entire track, with possible track extensions on the agenda also.

The Lismore Kart Club would like to thank Clarke Asphalt for doing such a great job on the bumpy hillside section of track, particularly at such short notice.

The track will be re-opened for practice this weekend. Check the Club website for more information.