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Rules and Regs For WA Open Class In Super 4 Series

Dom has his Horsepower Heaven series, now WA has the Super 4 Series! Open Class is back on the bill for 2010 with the Super 4 Series.  After much discussion between the four clubs running the series, the class has been included for the entire series. Supp regs will be available shortly.  

2010 looks like being a big year with numbers growing in the Open class. In fact,organisers are hopeful of getting 30+ Open karts for the 2010 WA State Championships at Cockburn. That will be a sight not to be missed!

Open class will be run at the following meetings:

  • Wundowie - 6th March
  • Midwest - 27/28 March
  • Tiger Wanneroo - 29/30 May
  • Bunbury - 12/13 June

The following karts are eligible for Open class:

WA Open - Capacities and Weights:
The following are the maximum capacities and minimum weights for each type of eligible engine

1. Piston ported engines 125cc - 130 kg
2. Pre 1998 CIK style Reed or Rotary 103cc - 140 kg
3. CIK style Reed or Rotary 100cc, 103cc - 150 kg
4. 106 to 135cc reed, rotary or piston port engines, 141cc - 150 kg
5. Up to 135cc derived from KF series engines, 135cc - 160 kg
6. Rotax Max, DD2, 141cc - 175 kg
7. Twin Clubman/Formula Australia (engines must conform to Chapter 34 and Chapter 31 respectively). Engines
can by mixed. 206cc - 170 kg
8. Twin engine (reed, rotary, piston port or modified Clubman/Formula Australia) 210cc - 180 kg
9. Twin engine (reed or rotary valve water cooled) 210cc - 185 kg
10. Biland 4 stroke 250cc - 155 kg
11. 125 Gearbox (motocross style engines) 128cc - 175 kg
12. Intercontinental C (engines to conform to Chapter 46) 128cc - 180 kg

Full details and more rules in the PDF at the link HERE.


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