CAMS Appoints SKA As Superkart National Administrator

CAMS press release

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has appointed Superkarts Australia (SKA) to take on the national category administration for superkarts, allowing SKA to adopt a more proactive and comprehensive role to coordinate the competition for superkarts at this level.

CAMS strongly encouraged SKA to take on the administration role and operate in a similar way to the competitor representative groups which continue to be a successful part of the Formula Ford, Formula Vee and HQ Racing series at a national level.

Lyn Punshon, Chairman of the Australian Motor Racing Commission (AMRC) said, “We have seen how other national categories have benefitted from a coordinated approach and we are encouraging the state based superkart clubs to work in with the SKA to develop participation in the sport at a national level.”

In its new role, SKA will directly affiliate with CAMS and will offer memberships to those competing at national level superkart race events.

SKA will retain its own member base and operate independently of the clubs, a move it considers necessary to the long term future of the category. SKA recognises the important role played by state clubs and will continue to work with them to further participation in the sport.

Clint Brown, Chairman of Superkarts Australia said, “SKA is very excited about its affiliation with CAMS as it enables all superkart racers to have their own national voice within a very competitive racing community.”

The SKA Board of Directors will be expanded and the company shareholding will be revised by the end of February 2010.


SKA press release

Fridays’ media release from CAMS is self explanatory. CAMS officials and SKA Directors met in
Sydney in December to discuss options forward for Superkarting at National level. CAMS wanted
SKA to accept the responsibilities of Category Administration at National level, and remain viable to
run the Australian Superkart Championships. SKA was considering aspects of a restructure in any
case, so has embraced the opportunity for Superkarters to have an entity to represent them at this level.

What is SKA? Superkarts Australia Pty Ltd is the CAMS appointed Superkart Category
Administrator and exists to run the Australian Championships and Nationals for Superkarters, and will
seek other high level racing opportunities, and may assume other sporting responsibilities in time.

What does this mean for Superkarters? SKA understands that superkarters want a viable
Australian Championship and ongoing stable and secure category administration. This structure
separates SKA from state level Superkarting and can undertake the business situations necessary.

2010 – A new era for Australian Superkarting. SKA will now affiliate directly with CAMS and
offer Superkarters membership of a national Superkart body so as to ensure the viability of providing
an Australian Championship for all Superkart classes.

Why should I join SKA if I am already a Superkart Club member? The restructure that CAMS
has approved for SKA ensures that both Superkarters and Superkart Clubs are not disadvantaged but in
fact are advantaged by the terms set. SKA for its part has ensured that the generous Registration
Scheme discount actually will reimburse Superkarters for the cost of their joining SKA. An efficient
method of funding for any entity that conducts racing on behalf of racers entails paid-up memberships.
SKA is now a well established organisation with approval from CAMS and is recognised as a proper
and professional business entity and superkart category administrator by major motor sport promoters
and media.

What does membership of SKA do for me, a superkarter? Your membership of SKA supports the
survival of the Australian Superkart Championship and Nationals. It secures the position of your sport
along side categories like Formula Ford. Membership entitles you to the significant race entry
discounts explained in our Terms and Conditions document. You can retain a nationally registered
Race Number. We’re not HRT or FPR just yet, but there will be more benefits in times to come.

What’s next? SKA will shortly release the SKA Membership Application Form and 2010
Registration Scheme for the Australian Superkart Championships and Nationals.

Please ignore any rumours and innuendo – SKA IS HERE FOR YOU AND HERE TO STAY - for
details and facts discuss any concerns or queries with an SKA director or contact us.