Vic Country Series - News and Rnd 1 Progressive Entry

press release

For karters who are coming on board for the first time in 2010 a big welcome to the 2010 Series, we sincerely hope you have a great time.

The series is shaping up to be even better than previous years. Last years series was the best ever ran in the past 4 years. It was a huge success with the average entries per round of 185 with the Wimmera receiving 220. The prizes, trophies and free entries totalled just over $21,000.00.

We are looking to give more laps to the drivers as well as retaining the 'on-line' entry system (ENTER ON-LINE On-line Entries can be viewed on the Country Series website which is updated almost 'daily'. This allows drivers to get an idea on how the classes are forming as well as check to see that your entry has been processed.

We have offered a wide range of classes for the opening round at Wimmera (Horsham) on the 7th of March. Additional and new classes offered include, the new Junior Performance class that cover, 100cc aircooled/watercooled and 125cc watercooled motors. To be eligible drivers must be a  "B" Grade licence holders. All classes are offered as 'Light' & Heavy'.

As in previous years those classes that form for the 1st Round of the Series will set the classes for the remainder of the series. This series has built to a very competitive series with drivers from metropolitan Victoria & South Australia as well as country area competitors from both states.

This has further increased the level of competition to now being a PREMIER CLASS of RACING IN VICTORIA.

I would therefore encourage all drivers to make a concerted effort to join us at, Round 1 of the Victoran Country Series, on the Long Weekend in March at the Wimmera Kartway.

Trevor Crane
Victorian Country Series Coordinator

Get your entries in for Round 1 of the 2010 Victorian Country Series - Wimmera Kart Racing Club 7th March, 2010. Entries are open till 8:00am Sunday 7th March


PROGRESSIVE ENTRY LIST - Entries close 7th March

1. Brayden Souter (Wimmera VIC)
2. Jordan Pianezzola (Southern SA)
3. Megan Vallance (Portland SA)
4. Kirby Hillyer (Mt.Gambier SA)
5. Jackson Rees (Southern SA)
6. Jack Nolan (SWKC VIC)
7. Luka Anicic (GKCV VIC)
8. Jordan Rae (Geelong VIC)
9. Elly Walters (Mt.Gambier SA)
10. Chase Wooley (Dublin SA)
11. David Denboer (Portland VIC)
12. Michael Dillon (Geelong VIC)
13. Dylan Hollis (Geelong VIC)

1. Joshua Munn (Mt Gambier SA)
2. Maya McNamara (Geelong VIC)
3. Dylan Howell (Barossa SA)
4. Jackson Freer (Southern SA)
5. Callan Belmonte (Mt.Gambier SA)
6. Andrew Gameau (Southern SA)
7. James Chettle (GKCV VIC)
8. Kobe Trigg (Portland VIC)
9. Tyler Harrison (Ballarat VIC)
10. Will Hawkes (Geelong VIC)
11. Jarrod Dwyer (Ballarat VIC)
12. Jake Dixon (Oakleigh VIC)
13. Brad Walters (Mt.Gambier SA)
14. Rhys Wooley (Dublin SA)
15. Scott Denboer (Portland VIC)
16. Rebecca Reissis (Oakleigh VIC)

1. Mitchell Sires (GKCV VIC)
2. Mitchell Broome (Mt.Gambier SA)
3. Ryan Broome (Mt.Gambier SA)
4. Zac Soutar (Geelong VIC)
5. Jake Heard (Wimmera VIC)
6. Sam Baker (Mt.Gambier SA)
7. Dylan Harrison (Ballarat VIC)
8. Aiden James (Mildura VIC)
9. Nickolas Reissis (Oakleigh VIC)

1. Lachlan Marshall (GKCV VIC)
2. Simon Hodge (Southern SA)
3. Todd Hazelwood (Southern SA)
4. Andrew Hollis (Geelong VIC)

1. Stephanie Munn (Mt Gambier SA)
2. James McNamara (Geelong VIC)
3. Lachlan Marshall (GKCV VIC)
4. Harley Benson (Hamilton VIC)
5. Luke Bergens (Mildura VIC)

1. Simon Hodge (Southern SA)
2. Aiden James (Mildura VIC)
3. Todd Hazelwood (Southern SA)

1. Brian Ramsden (Portland VIC)
2. Josh Tapscott (Portland VIC)
3. Matthew Keilor (Portland (VIC)
4. Nick Davenport (Ballarat VIC)
5. Andrew Rae (Geelong VIC)
6. Matthew Graham (Oakleigh VIC)

1. John Dankowski (Mt.Gambier SA)

1. James MacDonald (Warnambool VIC)
2. Ashley Lear (Wimmera VIC)
3. Robert Moore (Eastern Lions VIC)
4. Stephen Lee (South West VIC)
5. Maverick Benson (Hamilton VIC)
6. Shaun James (Mildura VIC)
7. Alexis Stavrou (Geelong VIC)

1. Scott King (Portland VIC)
2. Brendan McGinniskin (Swan Hill VIC)
3. Matthew Crane (Hamilton VIC)

1. Darren Thomas (Geelong VIC)
2. Dean Marshall (Wimmera VIC)

1. Mav Cottrell (Wimmera VIC)
2. Angelo Belmonte (Mt.Gambier SA)
3. Andrew Stubbs (Hamilton VIC)
4. Leon Forrest (Wimmera VIC)
5. Glenn Henley (Mt.Gambier SA)
6. Paul Janicki (Portland VIC)
7. Wayne Heard (Wimmera VIC)
8. Tony Whitwam (Swan Hill VIC)
9. Peter Duynhoven (SWKC VIC)

: (RL engine 155kg / X30 engine 160kg)
1. Ben Kilsby (Portland VIC)
2. Matthew McRae (Southern SA)
3. Kyle Summers (Mt. Gambier SA)
4. Owen Perry (Wimmera VIC)
5. Dale Beaton (Warrnambool VIC)
6. Clinton Taylor (Mildura VIC)
7. Michael Phillips (Oakleigh VIC)
8. Sam Garey (Oakleigh VIC)

LEOPARD HEAVY: (RL engine 175kg / X30 engine 180kg)
1. Andrew McNamara (Geelong VIC)
2. Trevor Handley (Geelong VIC)
3. John Cutting (Mt.Gambier SA)
4. Michael Seeary (Wimmera VIC)
5. Brian Cottee (Oakleigh VIC)
6. Trevor Garey (Oakleigh VIC)

TaG 125: (MG AZ RED Tyres)
1. Barry Stevenson (Portland VIC)
2. Brett North (GKCV VIC)

1. Broe Shiells (Warrnambool VIC)
2. Matthew Graham (Oakleigh VIC)

1. Billy Askew (Warrnambool VIC)
2. Barry Stevenson (Portland VIC)
3. Corey McCullagh (Warrnambool VIC)
4. Callam Clissold (Geelong VIC)
5. Peter McDonald (Warrnambool VIC)
6. Brock Green (GKCV VIC)

1. Michael Aiello (Eastern Lions VIC)
2. Shane Wharton (Eastern Lions VIC)
3. Stuart Northrope (Eastern Lions VIC)
4. Malcolm Clissold (Geelong VIC)
5. Richard Malseed (Portland VIC)