Round 1 Horsepower Heaven / Titan Series

The first round of the Horsepower Heaven / Titan Series was run at Geelong today. A 16-kart KZ2 Gearbox field fronted, many of these drivers getting race miles before the CIK round at Newcastle.

Full results on HERE. Winners from today's finals were:

  • Junior performance: Thomas Randle (top points - Thomas Randle)
  • Leopard Heavy: Jason Hryniuk (top points - Michael Griffiths)
  • F100 Heavy: Dominic Albanese (top points - Dominic Albanese)
  • Leopard Light: Adam Hughes (top points - Adam Hughes)
  • F100 Light: Sarron Caddy (top points - Sarron Caddy)
  • Super 200: Dominic Albanese (top points -Chris Sanderson)
  • KZ2: Justin Ruggier (top points - Matthew Wall)