AKA Nationals - 2 x DVD Set

press release

Kartbook TV released the Victorian Open DVD to rave reviews in the days leading up to the Nationals. The show was very warmly received by the karting community, with feedback received including "fantastic commentary, great to watch and very entertaining", from one happy customer, and "I'll be definitely be buying the next DVD you make, it is fantastic!" from another.

The KBTV Nationals Edition features so much action it's spread across two discs, so there's plenty of coverage of every class, including every single race contested over the course of the weekend, from the leaders to the backmarkers, and catching plenty of thrills and spills!

nationals dvd

Also available is the new Kartbook TV Raw, which includes all the footage captured throughout the weekend of a single class. It seems a waste to "throw away" so much great footage when editing the DVD, so here's your opportunity to see ALL the footage we captured of your racing on a single disc. It doesn't have the flashy titles and commentary of the main DVD, but there is a LOT of racing to see.

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