Jets Win; Damage Bros Threaten

press release

Although the # 1 Jets Motorsport team recorded yet another victory in 2010, it was the # 66 Damage Bros Racing team that was the talk of the recently concluded ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’ at Eastern Creek International Kart Raceway that incorporated both the opening round of the Powered By Honda ProKart Australia National Endurance Kart Championship and the second round of the NSW Endurance Kart Championship.

In what was without a doubt their best drive of their time competing in ProKart Australia events, the # 66 Damage Bros Racing team did plenty of damage to many of their rival team’s reputations by showing plenty of speed throughout the ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’. The speed of the Damage Bros Racing team kept them up at the pointy end of the field throughout the ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’ and in winning contention all the way through to the fall of the chequered flag. At the completion of the ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’ Damage Bros Racing finished in second place behind winners # 1 Jets Motorsport and their result was both the highlight and surprise packet performance of the entire round.

Despite receiving a stop / go penalty during the ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’ for contact with another team, # 1 Jets Motorsport were able to rack up yet another victory and it was certainly one that they had to earn as they had to sustain plenty of pressure from rival teams from start to finish. For the Jets Motorsport team this was back-to-back wins in the two rounds of this year’s NSW Championship and also opened up their winning account in the National Championship. These wins are certainly the perfect start to their defence of both the National and NSW Championship.

In their first appearance of the year in ProKart Australia competition, the # 5 Random #@&# Racing team finished a lap down on the leaders with 356 completed laps in third place to complete what was a very competitive outing.

The # 2 SCR team finished just off the podium in fourth with 355 laps and they were followed home by # 21 Walkos Racing, # 6 Team Kaos, and the first Queensland based team to finish # 51 Team5150R in seventh and all of them finished on the same lap. The # 777 Horsepower Racing team, along with # 661 PDS Grand Prix and # 14 Two Dogs Racing completed the Top 10 finishes.

The hard luck story of the ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’ was that of the # 23 Bell Pipes Racing team. They had started the round in the strongest of fashion by qualifying on pole position and were right up there in winning contention up until the four hour mark when they suffered throttle cable issues that robbed them of a chance of taking out the winning spoils. After losing a lot of laps on the leaders in the pits, the Bell Pipes Racing team fought on and finished down in a disappointing 18th place. Another team that was right up there in winning contention was the # 46 Starkey Motorsport. They had paced the field on a number of occasions during the ‘Eastern Creek 6 Hour’ only to suffer some setbacks and finish well down the order in 23rd place.

Upcoming ProKart Australia events are going to see the third round of the NSW Championship held at Indy 800 Kart Raceway on Sunday, April 18, while the second round of the National Championship is going to be fought out at the Ipswich Kart Track (Ipswich, QLD) over the June Long Weekend (June 13 and 14). The second round of the Queensland Championship is scheduled down for the weekend of May 1 and 2 at Greer Park Kart Raceway (Toowoomba, QLD).