Fantastic Celebration Day

from Wayne Baines

Sunday the 18th of April 2010 will go down in NSWSKC history as a wonderful day for the club and its members.

While the numbers were down a little this year the celebration however was a big as ever. The day had a fun friendly atmosphere about it and everyone who attended was very happy with the outcome. The past members that turned out as part of the 20yr anniversary reunion have a go , showed they have lost nothing in the time out of the seat and displayed some very spirited driving.

nepean kart speedway celebration day
Above: Tim Loveday (29) Senior member of The Team Of The Year, and Michael Jordan (23) overall  High points scorer for the day

The end of day presentation saw everyone stay and attend to show respect and thanks to the people being honored on the day, and then spent the afternoon socializing and enjoying each others company in the true spirit of the NSWSKC.

The competition racing from the 8 classes on display was of a very high standard on a well prepared and very fast race track that all competitors commented was the best track so far this season.

Once again the Sayre Racing sponsored Team Of The Year event was conducted and it was great to see senior drivers helping and encouraging their junior partners as they tried to gain as many points as possible to become the 2010 Team of the Year. The Sayre Racing Team supplies a set of tyres to both the senior and junior competitor and is very appreciated by both the club and the winners.

The 2010 Team of the Year is Daniel Sayre and Tim Loveday. This event has been going now for 3 years and Daniel has been part of the winning team twice, so no doubt next year he will be a sort after team member by the senior drivers.

Above: Daniel Sayre, the Junior member of  The Team Of The Year

The other on track results:

The Midget Class racing in honor of Life Member Jeff Burton
1st Jake Donaldson   , 2nd Kaidon Brown   , 3rd Mitchell Pyne
Feature race winner   Jake Donaldson

The Rookie class racing in Honor of Life Member Keryn Evans
1st Luke Sayre, 2nd Peter Seckold
Feature race winner   Luke Sayre

The junior class racing in Honor of Past Member Gary Bourke
1st Daniel Sayre, 2nd Lindsay Jones, 3rd Jake Baines
Feature race winner   Lindsay Jones

Clubman Light racing in Honor of Life Members Rob and Donna Eyeington
1st Michael Jordan, 2nd Mathew Pescod, 3rd Tim Loveday
Feature race winner   Tim Loveday

Clubman Heavy racing in Honor of Life member Brian Briton
1st David Cochran, 2nd Tim Baker, 3rd James Camilleri
Feature race winner   Joel Rhind

KT Modified Light racing in Honor of Life Member Tony Johnson
1st James Melling, 2nd Louise Stevens, 3rd Glen Philpot
Feature race winner Glen Philpot

KT Modified Heavy racing in Honor of Past member Ash Smith
1st Wayne Baines, 2nd Jason Freer, 3rd Cameron Coghlan
Feature race winner   Jason Freer

Formula 100 racing in Honor of Life Member Kim Freer
1st Joel Rhind, 2nd Sean Mayo, 3rd Jonathon Bright
Feature race winner Jonathon Bright

Team of The Year sponsored by Sayre Racing
Junior – Daniel Sayre      Senior - Tim Loveday
Overall High points scorer for the day   - Michael Jordan
In the NSW Speedway Kart Premier League
1st    The Benson Bandits, 2nd Jaw Motorsport    3rd   Big 1 Racing

So that’s it for another year and the NSWSKC Celebration Day continues to be a success for the club and a day that those who can attend each year have fun at and enjoy racing in a relaxed atmosphere without the pressure of club championship points .

The next Race meeting for the club is on the 30th May and will be round 3 of the championship, the Hopping’s Mowers sponsored Shoot out.

However the 9th of May will see a practice day for the club which will also incorporate some junior driving development and given it is Mothers Day we will be conducting a by appointment a special Mother have a go session .

             The NSWSKC would like to thanks our wonderful Corporate Partners

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