Rule Addendum for Comer Carby

A rule addendum has been issued by the AKA regarding the Tillotson carburettor used on the Comer engine in the Midget class. The change (highlighted in red) is effective immediately:

41.12 Carburettor:

1. Tillotson HL326A or HL 166B with a Venturi of 15.87mm. maximum. Carburettor to be stock as supplied by COMER and the choke is to remain attached. The back edge of the choke butterfly may be bent to allow the leading front edge to be in the fully open position. No additional machining or polishing of any cast surface. This includes throat, venturi, etc. of Carburettor. All screws, etc. to remain as supplied by the Manufacturer.

A PDF of the addendum can be found on the VKA site HERE.