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Super Nyck In Super KF

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After the cancellation of the European Championship, the WSK Euro Series has become an undisputable reference point for top-level international karting. Nyck De Vries races in Super FK, the most competitive category of the series, where the young Dutch driver duels shoulder-to-shoulder with all the most experienced drivers. Despite his rookie status, he is beginning to emerge. After a second place in Italy, in March, he mounted again on the second step of the podium in Spain. Victory was closer than ever.

Nyck De Vries was happy to be back in Spain, on the Zuera circuit, near Saragossa, where the young Dutch driver achieved some of his most exciting victories. At the end of 2008, it was there that he fought for victory in the WSK and then conquered the title of European KF3 (Junior) Champion last year. "The circuit is a lot more difficult than it looks", Nyck admitted. "There are long straight stretches where you need a very long gear ratio, which however penalises you in the bends. So it is fundamental to perfectly adjust one's kart and exploit at best the power of one's engine".

KSP_2236.jpgNick worked closely with his technical team and analysed all data acquired to leave nothing to chance in free practice, in order to find the best adjustments for his Zanardi chassis and his new Parilla engines. In timed qualifying, good results came as expected. Nyck De Vries was second, a place he maintained at the end of the qualifying heats. "Drivers using Vortex engines were fast in Zuera, especially Armand Convers who was my toughest rival of the weekend".

The pre-final confirmed his impressions and the young Dutch driver (who is just 15) was constantly on the attack within the lead pack. Once again, his ability to delay braking until the last moment to overtake his rivals did wonders and Nyck crossed the finish line in second place. "Convers opened a gap at the start of the race. I posted the best lap of the race, but the gap was too big".

In the final race, tension moved up a notch. "At the flying start, Convers took me by surprise by accelerating very early and the whole internal row took advantage of that. So I had to fight hard at the start of the race and to overtake several drivers to regain my second place. I posted another best lap time, but was unable to reach Convers who, again, had taken advantage of the situation to gain more ground".

Thanks to this high-level performance, to his speed and to his maturity, the driver from Chiesa Corse was again close to victory in the Super KF category, where rookies can be rarely seen on a podium. Three of the five WSK Euro Series meetings have already been held and Nyck De Vries occupies a flattering third place in the provisional standings of the championship. Next WSK round will be held in Genk (Belgium) on 8th and 9th May, on a circuit where Nyck has already conquered several victories in KF3.



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