Queensland Dirt Titles

from Matt Whitehead

The Mount Isa Kart Club hosted the 2010 Queensland State Dirt track Titles over the May Day long weekend (May 1 & 2) on its 465 metre sealed dirt surface (grippy in texture) with concrete corners.

qld dirt kart titles
Above: Clubman Light grid up for final: Lydon Dodge (96), Matthew Whitehead (84), Thomas Glasson (22), Matthew Foster (33), Adam Murr (65)
Pic - Timo Metsala

The event was hailed as a great success from those who travelled from other Queensland clubs, commenting on the hospitality, facilities and the close and challenging racing on the tight fast paced circuit.

Final results determined by total point score of the meeting with all 5 races counting towards points, encouraging consistent racing, even through reverse grid heats. Practice was free to all for all of Friday and Friday night under lights, with three heats raced on the Saturday and Pre Finals and Finals held on Sunday Morning.

Above: Jeff Rubach leads the Clubman Heavy Final.
Pic - Jim Fairweather

1st 48 Paul Thirlwall
2nd 23 Amy O'Brien
3rd 99 Hayden Tanis
4th 20 Jackson Stevens
5th 19 Ryan Stevens

Above: Paul Thirlwall (48) winner of Midgets
Pic - Timo Metsala

1st 40 Callum Barr
2nd 98 James Metsala
3rd  88 Sam Lillycrapp

Junior National Light:
1st 96 Emmily O'Brien
2nd 11 Daniel Murr
3rd 14 Chloe Barr
4th 97 John Underwood
5th 15 Corey Stevens

Above: Emmily O'Brien (96) on her way to victory in Junior National Light
Pic - Timo Metsal

Junior National Heavy:
1st 17 Maddison Twyford
2nd 27 Tina Ezzy
3rd 95 James Glasson
4th 12 Corey Thirlwall

TAG 100:
1st 45 Daniel Rubach
2nd 22 Graham O'Brien
3rd 71 Mark Ezzy
4th 94 John Stil
5th 38 Patrick Driscoll

Above: Eventual winner of TAG100 Daniel Rubach (45) ahead of Graham O'Brien (22) and Patrick Driscoll (38)
Pic - Timo Metsala

Clubman Light:
1st 96 Lydon Dodge
2nd 84 Matthew Whitehead
3rd 22 Thomas Glasson
4th 33 Matthew Foster
5th 65 Adam Murr

Clubman Heavy:
1st 31 Jeff Rubach
2nd 11 Nathan Woodman
3rd 45 Daniel Rubach
4th 19 Josh Robinson
5th 14 Trevor Hollyman

Above: The trophies proved a handful for the Midgets: L to R Amy O'Brien 2nd, Paul Thirlwall 1st, Hayden Tanis 3rd, Ryan Stevens 5th, Jackson Stevens 4th
Pic - Timo Metsala

Above: Daniel Rubach (45) ahead of Josh Robinson (19), Andrew Lane, Trevor Hollyman and Lorne McKie
Pic - Timo Metsala

Above: Winners are grinners: Rookie podium L to R: James Metsala 2nd, Callum Barr 1st, Sam Lillycrapp 3rd
Pic - Timo Metsala

Above: Midgets grid up for Heat 2: Ryan Stevens (19), Jackson Stevens (20), Amy O'Brien (23), Paul Thirlwall (48), Hayden Tanis (99)
Pic - Timo Metsala


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