Griffith Kart Club hosts spectacular Yellowtail Cup

press release - full results on mylaps HERE.

A number of past and present State and National Champions as well as many up and coming stars descended on to the Griffith Kart Club on the 1st and 2nd May 2010 for their annual Casella Wines [yellowtail] Cup Kart Race.

The pit area was a hive of activity from Friday night onwards as drivers began to arrive and make the most of the 3 hour night practice session, in preparation for the weekends nights racing. By Saturday morning the pit area was packed full of race team trucks, and huge groups of karters who travelled from all across NSW, Victoria and even QLD, to race in the Yellowtail Cup.

There was some amazing racing on the track, with many of the finals coming down to the wire as drivers gave it their all to be in the lead on the final lap, and take home a share of the $14,000 prize money.

The smallest drivers at the track produced the biggest field of competitors racing at the yellowtail cup. With a close battle between the top 5 all weekend, and a number of different winners in the heat races, it looked as though the final could go to any one of these top 5 drivers. The final was a close battle, with only 4 tenths of a second covering the top three on the last lap. However it was young Luke Wrigley from Dubbo taking the win ahead of Zane Morse and Thomas Bennett.

1st  - Luke Wrigley
2nd – Zane Morse
3rd – Thomas Bennett
4th – Alec Morse
5th – Samuel Hadley

Junior National Light
One of the most exciting classes of the weekend was Junior National Light, as a number of drivers stepped up to the plate to see if they could match it with current National Champion, Joey Mawson. As this class hit the track, the grandstands would fill with spectators and pit crews, revelling in the talents of these upcoming superstars. In the final however, Mawson proved he is worthy of the accolades, outclassing the field to take the win, and also the prize money.

1st – Joey Mawson
2nd – Mitchell Griffin
3rd – Daniel Valentini
4th – Joshua Craig
5th – Josh Dean

Clubman Light
Another class which showcased some of Australia’s most talented Karters was Clubman Light. Highly talented Clubman driver, Zeke Edwards, looked set to be the favourite, after recording some impressive results at the National Titles only a month prior. But it seemed Edwards would be challenged all the way by fellow karting superstar Nick Agland, and a number of other young hopefuls. Edwards however, proved to have the edge over his competitors all weekend, taking a clean sweep of all the heat races, and also clearly winning the final. Edwards also backed up his dominant win in Clubman Light with win in the hotly contested Clubman Heavy class.

1st  - Zeke Edwards
2nd – Nick Agland
3rd – Christopher Dodman

Clubman Heavy
1st  - Zeke Edwards
2nd – Greg Turner
3rd – Kris Centofanti

1st  - James Abela
2nd – James Duckworth
3rd – Christopher Sandrone
4th – Stefan Stankovic
5th – Cameron Boys

Junior National Heavy
1st  - Hayden Dodman
2nd – Daniel Valentini
3rd – Dean O’Brien
4th – Aidan James
5th – Jack Richardson

1st  - Joey Mawson
2nd – Dylan Shepherd
3rd – Ben Cooper

Senior National Light
1st  - Daniel Foot
2nd – Matthew Piper
3rd – Garnet Patterson

Senior National Heavy
1st  - Darren Harris
2nd – Darryn Piper
3rd – Greg Turner

Clubman Super Heavy
1st  - Scott Ferguson
2nd – Paul Cirillo
3rd – Adrian Bianchini

Clubman Over 40’s
1st  - Trevor Whitby
2nd – Peter O’Neil
3rd – Graham Winnel

Restricted Rotax
1st  - Lachlan McDonald
2nd – Wes Croft
3rd – Allen Cornal

Rotax Light
1st  - Robert Amess
2nd – Nick Agland
3rd -  Matthew Nipperess

Rotax Heavy
1st  - Danny Wright
2nd – Joshua Phillips
3rd – Scott Coates

Leopard Light
1st  -  Max Thornhill
2nd – Garnet Patterson
3rd – Gary Beel