De Vries Wins At Genk WSK Round

press release


A driver who wins on his 5th presence at a Super KF meeting, the elite category of international karting, is a rare enough event to make noteworthy. Nyck De Vries (Zanardi-Parilla) achieved this exploit after a race managed with a master's hand on the Genk circuit, in Belgium. As a result, the Dutch driver conquered the second place in the very hard-fought WSK Euro Series and he is now ready for fight for the title at the final meeting, to be held in Italy in June.

Every new race gives Nyck De Vries the opportunity to show how immensely talented he is with a wheel in his hands. However, many things happened east of Brussels, so much so that it became essential to stay perfectly focussed and to act with clear-sightedness to emerge from a pack gathering the best kart drivers in the world.

With his conqueror's spirit and a driving style always aiming to perfection, Nyck managed to change the situation to his advantage in Belgium, even when circumstances were unfavourable. "During timed qualifying, I tried to go as high as I could in the standings", Nyck commented. "I was not satisfied with the 8th place I was occupying after the first session on track. My team and I found the perfect adjustment for the Super Pole and this time I set the best absolute time". After some little push in the first heat, unfortunately, Nyck could not take advantage of his first place for long. "My three qualifying races did not go very well. I was often delayed by some crush in the pack. So, in the pre-final I only started from 6th place".

However, his performance turned out to be extremely satisfactory, as proven by one of the best laps he ever performed. Thanks to accurate information provided by the driver, technicians Tom Stevens and Dino Chiesa perfectly adjusted his Zanardi-Parilla no. 10. Revenge began. "In the pre-final, I had an excellent start and I was soon duelling against drivers such as Cooper, Camponeschi, Cesetti, Convers and World Champions Ardigo and Kozlinski. It was a close fight. I had to remain focussed all the time and exploit every overtaking opportunity, it was very exciting. After well managing the slippery track of the first days, I felt I had an advantage over them and I won this first round".

The final race had just that same intensity, with another victory waiting around the corner... and a nice explosion of joy! "I have won many races in KF3 over the last two years, including the European Championship and the WSK, but winning in Super KF is a completely different feeling. Everything is so professional, so difficult, that I am even happier for this success. A big thank you to the whole team, our efforts have been rewarded".

With a second place in the provisional standings and a gap reduced to 23 points that separates him from the leader Convers, the 15-year old Dutch driver is determined to continue along this very positive path in the WSK Euro Series. In the meantime, Nyck De Vries will be at the Super KF World Cup in Suzuka (Japan), where he will give it all to achieve another victory...