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28 IAME Drivers Qualify For Euro KF2/KF3 Championships

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Who: the Parilla IAME powered karts
What: CIK-FIA European Championship KF2 & KF3 Qualifying
Where: Western Region, Brandon (GB); Central Region, Wackersdorf (D); Northern Region, Thy (DK)
When: 29th April to 2nd May 2010

The IAME presence in the 3 races was numerous. In the end 28 Parilla powered drivers qualified and will race in the Continental Final in Genk (BEL), from 8th-11th July: 11 in KF2 and 17 in KF3.

Western Region, Brandon (UK)

Three IAME drivers qualified. Alexandre Baron (Parilla) was 3rd in qualifying after having won one heat, and then finished 5th overall following two fifth places in race 1 & 2. Adrian Del Rio (PCR/ Parilla), Russel Danzey (Parilla) also qualified.

Seven IAME drivers qualified with 4 Parilla engines in the top 10. Seannan Fielding (Parilla) dominated: in fact he was 1st from qualifying to race 2. Jake Dennis (Top Kart/Parilla) made a come back following a hard qualifying, and was 4th overall (6th and 4th in the races), while Roy Johnson (Tony Kart/Parilla) was 3rd in qualifying, 2nd in race 1 and 5th overall. Pierre Gasly (Sodi/Parilla) was 6th in race 2 and 9th overall. Leo Roussler (Sodi/ Parilla), Samuel Cucala (PCR/Parilla) and Shaw Bradley (RK/Parilla) also qualified

Central Region, Wackersdorf (D)

Five IAME drivers qualified. The best in the standings (5th) was Simone Favaro (Formula K/Parilla) who, following bad qualifying (28th), came back in race 1 (6th) and race 2 (7th). Followed by Stefano Cucco (Birel/Parilla), 7th overall (but 3rd in race 1). Luca Ghiotto (Zanardi/Parilla), Kevin Susilo (DR/Parilla) and Antonio Giovinazzi (Top Kart/Parilla) also qualified.

There are many Parillas at the front in qualifying: the IAME engines are healthy. Nicklas Nielsen (DR/Parilla) is one of the protagonists. He finishes 1st twice (in qualifying and in a heat) and he is 4th overall after the heats. In the pre-final he is 6th, but in the final, due to several contacts, he only finishes 22nd. Valentin Moineault (DR/Parilla) is in the limelight after recording the fastest time in one of the heats and above all, Jake Dennis (Top Kart/Parilla) who following his ups and downs in the heats (where he still “records” a best lap) makes a recovery in pre-final and final (where once again records the best lap), moving up from 17th to 4th place.

Northern Region, THY (DK)

Three IAME drivers qualified. Sami Luka (DR/Parilla) was in the limelight with 5th place overall thanks to a 4th place in qualifying and a 3rd in race 2. With him in Genk will be Juha Mäki-Jouppi (Alpha/Parilla) and Sebastien Bailly (Sodi/Parilla) who, after winning a heat, retired in race 2.

Six IAME drivers will be in Genk. The fastest was Jannick Flygenring (Haase/Parilla) who was 3rd in qualifying and finished race 2 in 4th place after a come back (he was 15th in race 1). By the end he was 7th overall. Niklas Tiihonen (Birel/Parilla), 8th in race 2, Martin Mortensen (Sodi/Parilla), 2nd in race 1, Egor Stupenkov (Gillard/Parilla), Kasper Larsen (Haase/Parilla) and Simon Mirguet (DR/Parilla) also qualified.


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