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Golden Power Series, Round 1

Results from the opening round of the Golden Power Series at Morwell on the weekend:

tim holowell
Above: 1st place in Rotax for Tim Holowell was backed up with 3rd in Clubman Light

1st Anton De Pasquale
2nd Daniel Valentini
3rd Thomas Allen

C o’40s
1st Phill Smith
2nd John Schena
3rd Mark Poole

Leopard Pro
1st Richard Muscat
2nd Matthew Bumpstead
3rd Richard Camilleri

1st Anton De Pasquale
2nd Andrew Petrou
3rd Brittany Smith

1st Justin Ford
2nd Liam Mclellan
3rd William Hawkes

JNR Clubman
1st Anton De Pasquale
2nd Jayden Wallis
3rd Daniel Valentini

JNR Performance
1st Michael Carless
2nd Thomas Randle
3rd Bradley Carless

Rotax Pro
1st Tim Holowell
2nd Brock Green
3rd Ben Lowerson

Clubman Light
1st Michael Bantick
2nd Reece Wade
3rd Tim Holowell

Club Super Heavy
1st Phill Straughen
2nd Peter Sloan
3rd simon Cuzens

1st Tom Hughes
2nd Michael Smith
3rd Jai Sparey

1st James Hughes
2nd Damon Strongman
3rd Thomas Randle

Clubman Heavy
1st Richard Muscat
2nd Joshua Franzi
3rd Bruce De Carvallo


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