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IAME Wins At WSK Final

press release

Who: The Parilla IAME powered karts
What: Round 5 of the WSK Euro Series
Where: the Naples International Circuit - Sarno - Italy
When: 3th/6th june 2010

At the last round of the WSK Euro Series 2010, one contestant out of three races in the queen class with a Parilla engine. The top driver is Nyck De Vries (Zanardi/Parilla) who, whilst missing out on the title by just a few points, wins the final race. In the heats he doesn’t get a good start, but always manages to clock up the best lap times, making a great recovery: in the pre-final he starts in 8th position and finishes in 2nd position; whilst in the final he clocks up the best lap time and goes on to win the race. Groman (Maranello/Parilla) also does well, 10th in the heats and pre-final and a good 7th in the final.

There are 6 Parilla engines in the top 15 in the final: De Vries, Groman and then, from 11th to 14th places Gromanova (Maranello/Parilla), Rowland (Zanardi/Parilla), Hamppi (Birel/Parilla) and Elkerbout (Maddox/Parilla).

Jack Hawksworth (Maddox,/Parilla) looks very strong in the first heat of the KZ1 where he finishes 4th : he goes on to finish 12th in the final. Gaggianesi (Top Kart/Parilla), makes his debut with a Parilla engine and finishes 15th, and Oberg (Gilllard/ Parilla) finishes in an excellent 6th place in the KZ2.

The star of the show is Antonio Giovinazzi (Top Kart/Parilla): he races magnificently in two heats (3rd and 4th), but he is disqualified in the pre-final for cutting across the track. In the final he starts at the back of the grid, but comes through to finish in 10th place, clocking up the best lap time on the way.

There are 6 IAME drivers in the final. Jake Dennis (Top Kart/Parilla) is at the forefront: after some difficult heats (24th), he makes a comeback in the pre-final (7th) and just misses the podium in the final (4th). Nicklas Nielsen (DR/Parilla) is very fast: after the heats he is in 8th place (he wins one and comes 2nd in another), whilst in the pre-final and final he finishes 8th and 9th. Two quick notes: Gasly (Sodi/Parilla) does well in the pre-final (10th) and Auer (Maddox/Parilla) wins a heat.

Dino Chiesa from the Chiesa Corse team, comments:
“We would like to thank IAME for everything they have done: the engines, the development and the people who helped us. We cannot deny that it would have been better if De Vries had won the title, but we hope that our performance has repaid them for the confidence they have placed in our team.

Nyck has been racing with Iame for 3 years now and, in addition to the driving aspects, he also tries to do his best as far as the progress and development of the engine is concerned”.


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