WSK Euro Summary

press release

Greeted with the applause from the audience in Sarno (Italy), Convers (Kosmic-Vortex SKF), Thonon (CRG-Maxter KZ1), D’Agosto (Tony Kart-Vortex KF2), Verstappen (CRG-Maxter KF3) and De Conto (Energy-TM KZ2) are crowned WSK Euro Series 2010 Champions.

wsk euro champions 2010
Above: WSK Champions, 2010

WSK Euro Series, european “mission” accomplished. The Circuito Internazionale Napoli in Sarno, Italy, was the location for the live broadcast on RaiSport1 of the concluding round of the WSK Euro Series. So, the series organized by WSK Promotion has ended a tight European tour across Italy, Spain and Belgium.

Armand Convers masters the race and achieves Super KF title. Since winning the Pre-final ahead of Dutch Nick De Vries (Zanardi-Parillla-Vega), French Armand Convers (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega) wrapped up the result and beat his two contenders in the chase for Super KF title. Being very pugnacious in the duel for the title, the latter first caught up a second place, and then imposed himself in the Final just ahead of Convers. Despite his recovery, he didn’t succeed in closing the gap with the French driver who retained the ranking leadership until the end. Sure enough, Convers has won the WSK European title by imposing all the way, he anyway gave the honours of war to Marco Ardigò (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega) being the third driver involved in the final rush. The Italian driver went down in the Pre-final but he recovered in the Final up to third position ahead of French Arnaud Kozlinski (CRG-Maxter-Vega) and English Ben Cooper (Kosmic-Vortex-Vega). Thanks to such a result, Ardigò kept a third place in the Championship below Convers and De Vries.

Above: de Vries leads

Jonathan Thonon dominates both race and Championship in KZ1. Being the ranking leader, Jonathan Thonon (CRG-Maxter-Dunlop) held onto his position and set the pace in both the Pre-final and Final. He had only a few troubles in the first race when French Manuel Renaudie (PCR-TM-Dunlop) took the lead to be passed then by Thonon shortly thereafter. Thonon’s only rival, Dutch Bas Lammers (Intrepid-TM-Dunlop) had a less profitable weekend seeing that he failed to catch up with Thonon in the two crucial races and finished second both in the race and in Championship. A good third place for Belgian Rick Dreezen (Tony Kart-Vortex-Dunlop) who mounted the Championship podium, at French Anthony Abbasse’s expense (Sodi-TM-Dunlop). The result in KZ2 was no surprise since Italian Paolo De Conto (Energy-TM-Dunlop) after achieving the title ahead of time, showed to be pugnacious once again and won the final race ahead of his teammate Joel Johansson and Polish Daniel Fuchs (Birel-TM-Dunlop).

Ignazio D’Agosto gains KF2 title in the race won by Chris Lock. Ignazio D’Agosto (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega) scored the few points he still needed to wrap up  the so wanted victory already in the Pre-final, finishing behind his teammate English Chris Lock. He confirmed therefore his class leadership he was contending with Danish Jacob Nortoft (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega). The latter on the contrary went through an unsatisfying weekend and even lost the championship second place to his countryman’s advantage Nicolaj Moller-Madsen (Energy-TM-Vega). Lock, making up for a difficult championship’s start, won the Final too, ahead of Polish Karol Bask (RK-BMB-Vega) and Japanese Yu Kanamaru (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega).

Max Verstappen is the KF3 Champion whereas Loris Spinelli dominates the race.  The winner in the Final, Italian Loris Spinelli (Tony Kart-Vortex-Dunlop), had only to keep Spanish Pedro Hiltbrand (Kosmic-Vortex-Dunlop) at bay to achieve such a prestigious result. Max Verstappen (CRG-Maxter-Dunlop) instead after changing the chassis for the Final got his competitiveness back and moved up from 11th to third position. Nevertheless, the Dutch driver had already won the title in the Pre-final when the only adversary contending with him that is English Alex Albon (Intrepid-TM-Dunlop) finished too back to be still in the running for the title. In any case, the latter achieved a rewarding second place ahead of Dutch Peter Hoevenaars (Intrepid-TM-Dunlop).

The rising generation into the limelight. Behind KF3 young drivers a new generation is coming. After Max Verstapppen that is being trained so well with the support of his father Jos (former F.1 driver), there will be the new entry Hugo Hakkinen, who is the son of the two-time F.1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen. The 9-year-old boy will make his debut in the class Mini at the opening of the WSK Master Series at the circuit in Siena on August 29th. The first 50 entries to this new series by WSK Promotion (KZ2, KF2, KF3 and Mini are the categories involved), report more than 30 international drivers coming from 15 different countries.