Rotax Ranking Cut Off Date For World Final Selection

press release

Due to the Rotax World Finals being held earlier in 2010 than former years, the cut off date to determine who will be offered positions at the World Finals will be immediately after the 2010 Rotax Nationals; ie Monday 6th September 2010

In the interest of fairness, the points from 2009 Rotax Nationals will be excluded from the calculation. This will eliminate the inclusion of two major events in the calculation and means that only one National Title event (2010) will be included.

The allocation of the nine positions will be determined as follows;

  • 1st & 2nd Place for Junior Rotax Ranking will win Junior positions
  • 1st & 2nd Place for Rotax Light Ranking will win Senior positions
  • The winner of the WA State Series for Rotax Light will win a Senior position
  • 1st Place for Rotax Heavy Ranking will win a DD2 position
  • The highest ranking DD2 competitor over the age of 32 at the cut off date will win the DD2 Masters position
  • The 2 highest ranking DD2 competitors (after the allocation of the DD2 Masters position) will win the remaining 2 DD2 positions

This year, IKD have organised a drivers fund that will be contributed to during the year. The total of this fund will be evenly distributed among all World Final competitors to help with the cost of racing at the World Final. This is on top of any contributions made by Rotax.

What about the winner of the Over 35s Ranking?

  • The 1st Place winner of the Over35s Ranking at the cut off date will win a new Senior Max engine