Starlane Chosen by Best Drivers

press release

Winning Race Kart Teams use Starlanes Dataloggers to analyse their racing lines and performance data to gain an advantage.

Dubbo 12/13th June 2010 - W.A.R.’s win of the A Grade Championship race was made easier by leveraging powerful software to analyse race lines and data. Troy Worsley said that he could compare race lines of different drivers and analyse the impact of changes to kart setup on a laptop computer.   Troy currently uses a Starlane Pro Datalogger on his winning kart and plans to add sensors to capture brake pressure, steering position to allow more detailed analysis.  

“Dynamite Racing” and “Buildline” took 1st and 2nd respectively in the B & S Championship Race. Both teams also recently switched to Starlane Dataloggers. Drivers from both teams were impressed with the Starlane’s display and capabilities. 

About Starlane Dataloggers
Starlane Dataloggers leverages GPS technology to determine lap and split times and speed.  Information is easily transferred to your computer for analysis using the internal wireless Bluetooth.  No need to connect cables or dongles.  The Digirace software (included) has track mappping capabilities which clearly displays the lines taken and the speed and other parameters at every point of the track.