Concerns of Morgan Park National Round

message to SKA members

Superkarts Australia P/L is in advanced planning mode for the Australian Superkart Championship Round 2 at Morgan Park Qld.  We understand that there are some queries about the event, and also some rumours, so to allay concerns we have copied some questions we've been asked along with some answers below.

Much of the anticipation about the event is the opportunity to race on a newly configured race track.  Our members understand that neither Shannons or SKA can effectively control the construction of a motor circuit extension.  While all of best endeavours are to have Round 2 run on the long circuit extension at Morgan Park, all of us are somewhat at the mercy of the elements and logistics of heavy construction.  The attitude of SKA is to keep our members informed and answer relevant queries to the best of our ability and current knowledge.
One thing is certain and has not changed - Round 2 of the 2010 Australian Superkart Championship will be held at Morgan Park, Warwick Qld on August 14/15th in conjunction with the Shannons Nationals Race Series.
The questions and answers:

  • What has been put in place re the track density in the event that the track lengthening doesn't finish in time?  [SKA] Although Shannons and SKA have been assured (as recently as June 10th) that the long circuit will be completed in time, if it is not completed in time the SKA contract with Shannons obligates them to still provide an Aust Championship compliant race event for our category.  Due to the lower track density at the existing Morgan Park circuit, splitting classes with additional race heats of adequate length will be the only feasible solution for that situation.
  • Does entry at Phillip Island give you guaranteed entry into Morgan Park if you wish to run ? [SKA] YES
  • This may pose a problem if track density is only 34 or 35. 10 x 250 Inters, 10 x 250 Nationals and 10 x 125's required as minimum to form a championship.  This leaves 4 to 5 spaces - who will be offered these ?  [SKA] If track density issues create a problem for entry numbers, in accordance with the 2010 Aust Champs Registration Scheme Terms and Conditions we published, SKA members who are registered with a series deposit paid have preference as do the Phillip Island entrants, after that it is first in best dressed.  The T&C provide that we can accept entries from superkarters who did not attend PI, but preference is always to the championship series entrants. SKA has over fifty members, with 47 entrants at PI, and indications are that most of them will be entering MP, so SKA planning with Shannons is to accomodate 45 plus for pitting and racing.
  • Are discussions taking place with Shannons to be able to run 2 x race sets - eg 250 inters as 1 set and the 250 Nat & 125's as the other set ?  If so - why not think of running 1 set at another Shannon round - eg Eastern Creek? [SKA] Discussions are in train along the lines of 'Plan B extra races if required' and all concerned are confident that Round 2 of the ASC can be accomodated at MP very well. So far as consideration of alternate venue/s goes it might yet be considered, but we need to adhere to our CAMS approved Aust SK Championship Sporting Regs and to an equal standing our contract with Shannons
  • If the 2 race scenario happens will this effect cost to the Superkarter ? [SKA] NO there has been no indication or mention of any cost if solutions to an incompleted or un-approved long circuit eventuate.  SKA will stand behind its published costings to our members for the Championship to the utmost of our ability and expects Shannons to do so also.
  • Will we be on a hard stand area for our pits ?  Will there be any carports or overhead covering ?  We are in the process of getting costs for marque hire on site if we require.  [SKA] At MP there are no garages like PI, only covered carports like we've used at EC.  SKA has let Shannons know our preferences for pitting arrangements.  We've firmly requested complete hardstand pitting access and direct marshal area access due to our ground clearance and large numbers.  Both SKA and Shannons prefer the category to pit together for image, safety, and organisational reasons.  SKA has requested enough Carport space to accomodate 45-48 entrants. As usual, whether we get that is being determined by the MP event planning committee.  As soon as we know, and we've been on their case heavily, we will publish the arrangements and costs.  In respect to your mention above about your enquiries for marquee hire, please don't make any external commitments yet because it has been made clear to us that Shannons will control the pit paddock arrangements for the category locations and marquee hire/erection etc and will not take enquiries from individuals only category administrators. 
  • Has David Bellenger been replaced - and if so by whom ?  [SKA] We're not sure that by replacement you mean as event manager or Director.  MP event management will most likely be done by Wayne Horswell with the usual assistance prior the event from all directors.  At the event we have arranged for Mark Stockwell to assist, Mark ran the Pacific Superkart Challenge at the August Shannons round at MP last year and is a CAMS Official of experience and a Driving Standards Observer.  SKA work as a team, and at the event we're sure that between Wayne and Mark, the ASC Round 2 will be well managed for superkarters.