Tecno Back On Top at Bruno Grana Trophy

press release

It was a great result for TECNO with their driver Kenny Vermeylen at the Bruno Grana International Trophy in X30 class.

"...Full house for the Belgian driver Kenny Vermeylen (Tecno) who wins everything, from the heats to the final. He wins all five heats, and starts in pole position in the pre-final. Behind him is the French driver Enzo Guibbert (FA), losing only in the heat with a direct battle, and Joeffrey Rouchy (Mirage). In the pre-final, Vermeylen manages to get away from the pack and wins the race. Behind him he has Anthony Couto (Sodi) and Steven Lesca (Tony Kart). The first two positions are confirmed in the final, but the third place goes to the French driver Andrea Pizzitola (FA) who started in 5th place on the grid..."


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