The WSK Brand Station

Eyebrows were raised at the Castelnuovo Berardenga circuit at Siena, Italy, recently with the WSK Station grabbing much attention as karters raced the opening round of the WSK Master Series.

wsk station
Above: WSK Sation. It almost looks Bernie-built!
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This brand new motor home is the operating unit for WSK Promotion activities.

"It is expressively conceived to meet the shift in the needs of a promoter involved in organizing world events" WSK issued in a statement.

"Every driver and operator involved in the event refers to the WSK Station for whatever need related to his work on the track: from the sporting check, to the contacts with the promoter and information about the running of the race. Areas inside the station are arranged just for each of these needs.

Adjacent to the Sation, which represents the operations and business centre of the WSK Promotion, there is a 'living tent' that covers an area of 130 sq.m. The 'living tent' serves as a race office and is fully furnished to give hospitality and includes monitors set on every side of the tent. there is also an area for the press conference after the race.

Above: Press conference area
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Above: Karting media and teams can work in the station and access information throughout an event
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