Joint Meeting Produces Close & Exciting Competition

press release

Each year the jointly promoted two-day Southern Series meeting offers karters in the lower half of the South Island the opportunity to pit their skills against each other at two different tracks over the same weekend.

The combined event gets underway with a full day of competition at the Invercargill Kart Club's Macauley Ford Kart Raceway on the Saturday then finishes with another full day at the KartSport Dunedin club's Silverstream Raceway track near Mosgiel.

Above: Vaughan Marshall (#67), Jamie Conroy (#SI) and Damon Leitch (#81) contesting the Senior 100cc Yamaha Light class on the first day of competition at the Invercargill Kart Club's Macauley Ford Kart Raceway
pic - Fast Company/Daryl Shuttleworth

This year's event was held over the September 04-05 weekend with over sixty drivers (some from as far away as Christchurch) signing on.

As in previous years the event was closely contested over the two days with the weather playing a key part.

Day one at Invercargill saw very heavy rain and high winds, evening up the fields and producing a few upsets while Day two's racing in Dunedin was conducted in dry, balmy conditions.

Class winners over the two days of competiton were Stephen Monaghan (Open), Paul Booth (125cc Rotax Max), Scott Waters (100cc Yamaha Light), Daniel Harvey (100cc Yamaha Heavy), Graham Reid (Masters), Josh King (Junior 100cc Yamaha), James Munro (Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha) and Hamish Buchanan-Keast (Cadet).

The Invercargill club now heads into stage two of the track and grounds redevelopment with the track extension set to take place in the next couple of weeks in preparation for next year's KartSport New Zealand National Sprint Championships at Easter.

2010 Southern Series Day 1 Macauley Ford Kart Raceway Invercargill/Day 2 Silverstream Raceway Dunedin Sat-Sun September 04-05 2010

Day 1: 1. Stephen Monaghan; 2. Dyson Freeman; 3. Chris Sharp; 4. Paul Ritchie; 5. Kieran Roberts; 6. Terry Stephens
Day 2: 1. Dyson Freeman; 2. Stephen Monaghan; 3. Terry Stephens; 4. Kieran Roberts
Overall: 1. Stephen Monaghan (Invercargill)

125cc Rotax Max
Day 1: 1. Paul Booth; 2. Morgan Fraser; 3. Daniel Harvey; 4. Warren Black; 5. Kerry Bowen; 6. Sabin Perkins
Day 2:1. Daniel Harvey; 2. Paul Booth; 3. Morgan Fraser; 4. Kerry Bowen; 5. Warren Black; 6. Sabin Perkins
Overall: 1. Paul Booth (Dunedin)

Senior 100cc Yamaha Light
Day 1: 1. Scott Waters; 2. Brenley Marshall; 3. Jamie Conroy; 4. Vaughan Marshall; 5. Chad Patrick; 6. Warren Parnell
Day 2: 1. Rachel Thompson; 2.Jamie Conroy; 3. Vaughan Marshall; 4. Steven Thompson; 5. Scott Waters; 6. Brenley Marshall
Overall: 1 Scott Waters (Invercargill)

Senior 100cc Yamaha Heavy
Day 1: 1. Daniel Harvey; 2. Kevin MacLeod; 3. Paul Mason; 4. Leith Swinney; 5. Chris Dixon; 6. Richard Dimmock
Day 2:1. Daniel Harvey; 2. Chris Dixon; 3. Kevin MacLeod; 4. James Mitchell; 5. Richard Dimmock; 6. Leith Swinney
Overall: 1. Daniel Harvey (Dunedin)
Day 1: 1. Graham Reid; 2. Maryanne Renton; 3. Nigel McAnelly; 4. Desiree McAnelly; 5. Jason Brown; 6. Neil Shearer
Day 2: 1.Neil Shearer; 2. Graham Reid; 3. Maryanne Renton; 4. Nigel McAnelly; 5. Desiree McAnelly; 6. Jason Brown
Overall: 1. Graham Reid (Invercargill)

Junior 100cc Yamaha
Day 1: 1. Alex Fraser; 2. Josh King; 3. Brendon Leitch; 4. George Keast; 5. Jarrod Johnston; 6. Oliver Shearer
Day 2: 1. Josh King; 2. Alex Fraser; 3. Oliver Shearer; 4. Brendon Leitch; 5. George Keast; 6. Alyssa Clapperton
Overall: 1. Josh King (Dunedin)

Junior Restricted 100cc Yamaha
Day 1: 1. James Munro;2. William Reith; 3. Braydon Shuttleworth; 4. Liam Young; 5. Sarah Palmer
Day 2: 1. Liam Young; 2. James Munro; 3. William Reith; 4. Braydon Shuttleworth; 5. Sarah Palmer
Overall: 1. James Munro (Christchurch)

Day 1: 1. Hamish Buchanan-Keast; 2. Luca Burns; 3. Jack Martinac; 4. Jacob Palfrey; 5. Jack Cayford; 6. Josh Bethune
Day 2: 1. Hamish Buchanan-Keast; 2. Jack Martinac; 3. Josh Bethune; 4. Luca Burns; 5. Jacob Palfrey; 6. Jack Cayford
Overall: 1. Hamish Buchanan-Keast (Invercargill)