Lucky Final For Hutton

press release

After what can only be described as a character building weekend, 15 year old King’s College student Arie Hutton was in the right place at the right time to inherit the win of the final race at Round 4 of the Mi Sedaap ProKart Series held at the Hamilton Kart Club circuit on 29 August.

arie hutton
Above: Arie leading Aarron Marr and Paul Blomqvist in the Final
pic - Graham Hughes, SportsWeb Photography

Arie’s note book:
“With exams looming we did not practice on Friday and by the time we had scrubbed in new wets and slicks in the mixed conditions on Saturday morning there was little set up time before qualifying. Qualifying P2 behind Bradley Hicks was probably better than we had anticipated however we struggled in the dry, lacking grip in the rear in the first two heats to finish 3rd in heat 1 and 9th, after an incident, in heat 2. The weather forecast for Sunday was not good and it was wet most of the day. We were quick in the very heavy rain but less so as the rain eased. In heat 3 Brad’s engine would not start on the dummy grid so I turned my engine off to stop it loading up. Unfortunately when I went to restart the teeth on the aluminium ring gear stripped so that left both Brad and I as spectators for heat 3.

We worked flat out to swap the Vortex for the TM. This required a change of loom plus cooling system so it was a bit of a rush to get out for the wet prefinal. From grid 8 I lost a couple of positions at the start finding the tune and getting the engine up to temperature, but improved to finish 5th. The TM felt strong despite a well used piston and not having been on the kart since the North Island Champs last year.

I made a good start to the final and after a bit of place swapping made it to second by lap 9. Brad had cleared out in front, however I had a close race long battle with Aarron Marr. We had a wet chassis set up on slicks which made my Super Freight EVR a bit unstable in the corners. With three laps to go we caught up to Brad who had a problem with his throttle (broken cable) so it was with a bit of luck we were first to the chequered flag this time.”

2010 Mi Sedaap ProKart Series Round 4 Final KF3
1st         Arie Hutton      Tony Kart/TM/Bridgestone                   20 laps
2nd        Aaron Marr        Arrow/Vortex/Bridgestone                       +0.414
3rd         Aarron Wilson    Maranello/Maranello/Bridgestone +2.203
4th         Bradley Hicks    Maranello/Maxter/Bridgestone                 +5.062

2010 Mi Sedaap ProKart Series Points after 4 of 5 Rounds KF3
1st         Bradley Hicks    Maranello/Maxter/Bridgestone                 431
2nd        Arie Hutton      Tony Kart/Vortex/Bridgestone             425
3rd         Paul Blomqvist   Maranello/Maxter/Bridgestone                 421
4th         Aarron Marr       Arrow/Vortex/Bridgestone                       416

Arie’s next confirmed major event is Round 5 of the 2010 Mi Sedaap ProKart Series at KartSport Auckland on 2nd & 3rdOctober.